80/5500 America Carte generale des treize États Unis de l'Amerique Septentrionale Kaart van de dertien Verenigde Staaten in Noord Amerika
80/5500 [America]. "Carte generale des treize États Unis, de l'Amerique Septentrionale. Kaart van de dertien Verenigde Staaten in Noord Amerika." Engr. map w. contemp. handcol. borders, title-cartouche in upper left corner, mounted in 8 sections on linen, total size 41,4x57,4 cm., Amst., C. Mortier and J. Covens et fils, n.d. (±1776?), in contemp. board slipcase.

= A very fine copy of this rare map, which is one of the earliest maps showing the flag of the USA with stars (13x) and stripes (in the cartouche). The title cartouche is dated in contemp. hand in pen and ink "14. Jul.1776" (American Declaration of Independence). The map has some other interesting contemp. annotations in French and Dutch, i.a. (below title cartouche) "903.040.000 acres" from which is detracted "94.040.000 d'eau" leaving "809.000.000 en terre"; the sea in front of Chesapeak Bay has the following in contemp. manuscript: "270 M.L. 17a 18. 6. en 8 a 9 Vad. diep" and to the West of Cape Fear in vague manuscript "C.F.L.C Y[?] D.M."; Lake Huron has an annotation in the middle reading: "1000 M.d.tour" and Lake Ontario has "600 M. de Tour" written the middle of the lake. Finally the place name(?) "Spelt" is written in the triangle formed by the Endless Mountains, the letters "vanie" (of Pensilvanie) and the word "Riviere" (of Delaware Riviere). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXII.

€ (1.200-1.500) 1600