79/5116 Asia Asiae Nova Descriptio
79/5116 [Asia]. "Asiae Nova Descriptio". Handcol. engr. map surrounded by elaborate border incorporating 10 bird's eye views, 8 full-body portraits of natives and 6 portraits of Asian kings, large dec. cartouche, scalebar, ships and a sea monster, 56,2x44 cm., Amst., P. Kaerius, 1614.

- Middle fold w. closed split; 2 smaller tears sideways, 2 tiny restored tears on both sides just affecting the image; still a fine specimen.

= Very rare map with surrounding views of i.a. Aden, Jerusalem, Goa, Macao, Rhodes, Calcutta and Bantam. Portraits of the king of Turkey, the Moluccas, Persia, Ceylon, China and Tartary. Full-body portraits of i.a. Arabic men and women, Tartar men and women and men from Java. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXX.

€ (2.000-3.000) 2000