79 3179 Sachs H
79/3179 Sachs, H. Der Teuffel lest kein Lantzsknecht mehr in die Helle faren. Nürnberg, G. Merckel, 1555, (8)p., title-woodcut, late 19th cent. hvellum, sm. 4to.

- (Sl.) duststained/ fingersoiled throughout; w. traces of former blue wrappers in inner margin of first and final page.

= The extremely rare first edition (no copy traced in the market). Sammlung Freytag 4712; Goedeke 2, p.430, 267b; not in Weller. The fine woodcut showing 3 "Landsknechte" in a pub with a Nürnberger stove, from which the devil watches them. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXXVII.

€ (1.000-1.500) 1100