77 5727 Beeldsnijder van Voshol van Toulon M A M 1792 1880
77/5727 Beeldsnijder van Voshol- van Toulon, M.A.M. (1792-1880). (Still life of shot game and a hunting rifle leaning against a tree stump and a fruit and flower basket). Oil on canvas, 78x61,5 cm., signed "M.A.M. Beeldsnijder van Voshol geb. van Toulon 1838" in lower right, framed.

= Probably one of the two paintings by the artist exhibited in the Tentoonstelling van nog levende meesters (Amst., 1838, no.18 or 19). Professionally reframed, cleaned and revarnished. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXVII.

€ (2.000-3.000)