76 5926 Borssom A van 1630 1677
76/5926 Borssom, A. van (1630-1677). (View of the village Ransdorp). Drawing, pen and brown ink, grey wash and green watercolour, 14,2x20,5 cm.,

- Somewhat browned and foxed.

= The paper appears to be Japanese paper, which Van Borrsom used for other drawings. Cf. the drawing of the same village by Van Borssom in the British Museum and in extenso the accompanying 2nd note (mentioning this drawing) online. From the Goll van Franckenstein collection (sold Amsterdam, 1833, 'kunstboek' F, no.29) and sold again in the W. Pitcairn Knowles sale, 1895 (described as van Borssom, lot 91), with his collector's mark (Lugt 2643) and of Rud. Ph. Goldschmidt (±1840-1914) (Lugt 2926) on verso. Goldschmidt's collection sold in 1917 in Frankfurt (this drawing as Hulswit, lot 283. The church was greatly altered in 1718/19, so Hulswit would be unlikely). With the manuscript collector's mark of 't Hooft ("Hft") and extensive notes by him in pencil on the provenance and on the attribution. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXVII.

€ (3.000-5.000)