76 5412 Brueghel the Elder P 1526 1569 after
76/5412 Brueghel the Elder, P. (1526-1569) (after). A Dutch Hulk and a 'Boeier'. Engraving by FRANZ HUYS and ?, 24x19,3 cm., publ. by Hieronymus Cock, 1565.

- Fine.

= Rare. New Hollstein (Bruegel) 62, 1st state (of 2); cf. Hollstein (Huys) 16-26. Franz Huys died in 1562, so perhaps the print was finished by someone else. New Hollstein suggests Cornelis Cort. Probably for the coast of Enkhuizen. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CI.

€ (2.000-3.000)