76 1964 Artists' manuals Lomazzo G P
76 1964 Artists' manuals  Lomazzo G P
76 1964 Artists' manuals  Lomazzo G P
76/1964 [Artists' manuals]. Lomazzo, G.P. Trattato dell'arte de la pittura (...). Ne'quali si contiene tutta la Theorica, & la prattica d'essa pittura. Milan, P.G. da Ponte, 1584, 1st ed., (40),700[= 698],(2)p., woodcut portrait, 18th cent. giltlettered vellum.

- A few leaves foxed in text; occas. sl. waterstained (final 6 index leaves worse); title-p. sl. fingersoiled and w. (old) owner's stamp. Otherwise near fine copy.

= Without the 2 leaves at the end with the additional Chapter 17 from Book VI. Adams, L 1419; Cicognara 159; Kat. Orn. Berlin 4612; Arntzen/ Rainwater H43: "The most complete treatise on the art theory, design, and iconography of the Mannerist period. Also importrant for the study of Milanese painters. Book 7 includes a veritable dictionary of iconography for the period. [The seven books deal with the following subjects:] 1. Proportion; 2. Expression of emotions; 3. Color; 4. Light and shade; 5. Perspective; 6. Painting practice, genres of painting, painting for various places, composition,etc.; 7. Representation of subjects (Religious and mythological)". Very rare and important and early artist's manual. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXI.

€ (1.500-2.500)