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70 2771 Architecture Bosse A
70 2771 Architecture  Bosse A
70 2771 Architecture  Bosse A
70/2771 [Architecture]. Bosse, A. Manière universelle de Mr Desargues, pour pratiquer la perspective par petit-pied, comme le Geometral. Ensemble les places et proportions des Fortes & Foibles Touches, Teintes ou Couleurs. Paris, P. Des-Hayes, 1648, 1st ed., (18),356,(2)p., engr. title-p., dedic. plate, div. title, 158 (incl. 2 repeated) plates, contemp. vellum.

- Without the portrait; trifle waterstained in top margin up to p.16; several plates loosely inserted (these plates sl. rubbed/ sl. duststained along margins); a few textp. trifle stained. A fine copy.

= Irregular pagination, but collation as called for. Fowler 56; Kat. Orn. Berlin 4716; Cicognara 817; DSB IV, p.47; Savage a.o., Cat. of the British Architecture Library. Early Imprints Collection 338: "Desargues' discovery of a method of projecting geometrically into the picture a perspective scale (...) of successive equal distances along a line drawn to the point of sight, was first published in a short pamphlet (...) in May 1636 (reprinted here by Bosse on pp.321-334). As in similar, subsequent pamphlets, however, (...) the originality of Desargues' ideas and the private language in which they were often expressed afforded little chance of their being properly understood, let alone adopted in practice, by anyone unfamiliar with the highest reaches of geometry. It is unlikely however that Desargues would have asked his friend, the brilliant engraver Abraham Bosse, to write and illustrate a series of books demonstrating the various practical uses of his 'manière universelle' (...) if he had not become embroiled in a bitter public quarrel with the anonymous Jesuit author [Jean Dubreuil] of a work which he believed had blatantly plagiarised his discoveries while at the same time representing them as worthless (...). [a] long and bitter pamphlet war (...) ensued when, in January 1642, Desargues vented his rage by placarding Paris with fly-posters ('affiches') denouncing the Jesuit's 'Error incroyable!' and 'Fautes et faussetes enormes' (...). It is little wonder therefore that Desargues turned to Bosse (...) to expound the practical value of his inventions in three related though bibliographically distinct works on stereotomy, dialling, and perspective, and to set the record straight concerning his right to be recognised as the originator of an entirely new and properly scientific of these subjects in France. (...) Jacques Curabelle's blistering [attack in his] Examen des oeuvres du sieur Girard Desargues, 1644 (...) [and his] use of his influence to procure a prohibition against Bosse teaching Desargues' methods at the Académie Royale de Peinture et Sculpture (...) probably did more than anything to obscure the latter's remarkable achievement until his 'rediscovery', in the nineteenth century, as the father of a whole new science of projective geometry (...). There was no further printing of this work in France. (...) The work's merits seem to have been appreciated in Holland since a Dutch translation, published in Amsterdam in 1664 (Algemeene manier tot de practijk der perspectiven, bij-een-gevoegt door A. Bosse (...)) ran into a second edition in 1686." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXII.

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