70 5528 Hogarth W 1697 1764
70/5528 Hogarth, W. (1697-1764). A Harlot's Progress. Complete series of 6 engravings, eachx37,5 cm., engr. captions, on heavy paper.

- Nineteenth cent. impression; all prints waterstained in left outer blank margin and trifle frayed.

= Paulsen 121-126, 3rd-4th (final) states: "'Harlot', a more genteel word than whore or prostitute, has both a slightly mock-heroic quality and Biblical overtones (the 'harlot' forsakes the true God and follows idols and false gods: Isaiah i.21). 'Progress' ironically alludes to the sort of conversation narrative best known in Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress; to 'progresses' of poetry and (Pope's parody in The Dunciad) of Dullness; and to an advance or gradual betterment."

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