70/2851 Bindings 17th cent gilt yellow vellum binding
70/2851 Bindings  17th cent gilt yellow vellum binding
70/2851 Bindings  17th cent gilt yellow vellum binding
70/2851 [Bindings]. 17th cent. gilt yellow vellum binding. Showing ON FRONTCOVER: in the center the coat of arms of Amsterdam positioned on a drum, held by two lions, surrounded by coats of arms of the Seven United Provinces, w. an inset view of the city "Amstelredam" below and the Hollandse Vrijheidsmaagd in the Garden "Pro Patriae" above, the whole surrounded by a border showing Schutters, the upper corners inhabited by angels (one accompagnied by the sun, the other by the moon) facing the Royal Palace of Amsterdam in the middle. ON BACKCOVER: in the center three Schutters w. 4-line verse, signed "I. Stichter", surrounded by the same border, sm. 4to w. yellow silk ties. - ON: a stripped copy of Comptoir Almanach Op 't Jaer ons Heeren Jesu Christi M. DC. LXXXI. Amst., Johannes Stichter, 1681, (10)p., title-p. printed in black and red w. woodcut title-vignette showing the Amsterdam Stock Market ("Bursa Amsterdamensis"), 3 woodcut ills. (i.a. "December"). - BOUND WITH: Reeckeninge Om te Waecken voor de Twintighste Nacht, 1681. Onder Heeren Colonellen Cornelis Backer, en Mr. Jan Corver. Ibid., idem, 1681, armorial title-vignette, (4)p.

- The almanac incomplete (lacking at least quires A-C). Vellum worn away along upper board-edges; the decoration w. black corrosion, w. sm. stain on frontcover and occas. sl. rubbbed, but on the whole in good condition.

= The verse on backcover reading: "Wij Tamboerijne slaet [?], wy wenschen allegaer/ aend' Amstels Boergers een saligh nuwe Jaer/ Gods segen over vloet, en een bestemde vreede/ tot onsen tijt en eeuw tot inde eeuwicheden." The almanac not known to Salman and not in NCC. Very attractive binding. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXIX.

€ (300-500) 400