70 3247 Vechtstreek Bruin C
70/3247 [Vechtstreek]. Bruin, C. De zegepraalende Vecht, vertoonende verscheidene gesichten van lustplaatsen, heeren huysen en dorpen; beginnende van Uitrecht en met Muyden besluytende. Introd. (with incorporated plate-index) A. de Leth. Amst., Wed. N. Visscher, 1719, 1st ed., (2),16,37 textp., engr. frontisp., 1 full-p. map, 1 half-p. plan and 101 views on 51 plates by D. STOOPENDAAL, modern antique-style leather, folio.

- Some occas. scattered foxed specks; frontisp. w. erased stamp in upper corner, leaving small hole in blank margin and chafed spot in image; first and and last leaf sl. frayed and w. a few sm. marginal tears; trifle yellowed.

= One of the finest books on 18th century Dutch stately homes, also of great importance for contemporary garden-architecture. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CLVI.

€ (700-900) 750