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73 2193 Music  Kücken Friedrich Wilhem 1819 1882 73 2193 Music Kücken Friedrich Wilhem 1819 1882
73/2193 [Music]. Kücken, Friedrich Wilhem (1819-1882). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "F. Kücken", to "Herr Schmidt", dated "Schwerin den 28 März 1875", pen and ink, 1 fold. leaf, recto and verso, (4)p.

= Discussing i.a. the options of publishing his works in England, either through Robert Locks or Wessel & Co. Also writing about his friend, the composer Julius Benedict, and about the advice that Litolff can give in matters concerning copyrights.

Adam, Adolphe (1803-1856). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "A. Adam", to B. Schott's Söhne, dated "Paris 19 7bre 1852", pen and ink, 1 fold. leaf, recto and verso, (2)p.

= On the of the rights for Germany and England of "Si j'étais roi".

Schindelmeisser, Louis (1811-1864). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Louis Schindelmeisser", to "Sehr geehrter Herr Schott", dated "Darmstadt d. 23st. April 1859", pen and ink, 1 leaf, recto only.

= Refers to an earlier request sent to Schott to publish his Sonata without dedication: "Diese schwedische Prinzessin scheint kein Deutsch mehr zu verstehn! Ich bin wunderbarerweise ohne alle Antwort geblieben. (....)" Apologising for pressing the publisher on this matter, "aber wenn mann so wenig Zeit hat zum componieren, und so wenig zu [..] fördert, so freut mann sich immer doppelt auf die Herausgabe eines solchen Werkchens, und diese Sonate habe ich noch überdies mit vieler Vorliebe[?] gearbeitet."

David, Félicien (1810-1876) (on behalf of). MANUSCRIPT LETTER SIGNED [illegibly], to Schott's Söhne, dated "Paris, le 23 Janvier 1848. Rue de Calais", pen and ink, 1 folded leaf, recto and verso, (4)p.

= Accord. to annot. by previous owner addressed to "B. Schott's Söhne, the letter is i.a. about "Le Colombe" (i.e. the opera Christophe Colomb, written in 1847) and stating that he doesn't understand why the publisher does not want to buy the rights to both his operas Christophe Colomb and Moïse; he goes on about the financial merits for the publisher if he would accept his proposal.

AND 26 AUTOGRAPH (1x holograph) LETTERS SIGNED and 10 AUTOGRAPH (POST)CARDS/ ENVELOPES etc. SIGNED by the following composers: FRIEDRICH BURGMÜLLER (letter to the publishers Cramer, Beale & Wood, accepting their offer for publication rights of his "[...] über la Reine de Saba"); RICHARD BURMEISTER (letter to Alsbach & Co., explaining that he cannot provide send his "[...(illegible, but possibly referring to the cadenza that Burmeister wrote)] vom Chopin-Konzert in F moll" because it is not printed and he has lent his (manuscript) copy to someone else); ROB. FRANZ (envelope only of a letter addressed to R. Linnmann); MORIZ GANZ (letter to B. Schott, relaying an order for several cello bows on behalf of the Gebr. Bohrer); FRIEDRICH GERNSHEIM (1 letter, 4 postcards, 2 visiting cards w. note and an empty envelope, to various addressees; mostly on practical publishing matters); FELIX GODEFROID (letter, i.a. about the publishing terms of his Reveil des Fées, indicating that he wishes to receive more money); CARL GRAMMANN (letter, to "Herr van der Hoop", i.a. about his Melusine, otherwise difficult to read); JOSEPH GRÉGOIR (2 letters to Schott Söhne, one i.a. covering the sending of his "Hommage a C.M. Weber", and stating how he wishes his work(s) to be published, the second letter on financial matters); EUGEN GRÜELL (letter to Wilhelm Schmid, covering the sending of 3 songs that he offers for publication); ALEXANDER GUILMANT (postcard to Alsbach & Co., stating his terms of business); CHRISTIAN HEINRICH HOHMANN (letter to Wilhelm Schmid, mostly unread); JEAN HURÉ (letter to J. Wysman, stating that he may one day wish to publish sections of his Jeanne d'Arc which he composed when young); LUDWIG JESCHKO (letter to Schott, covering the sending of two compositions to him); JOHANNA KINCKEL (letter to Schott, covering letter for a parcel to Schott); SAMUEL DE LANGE Jr. (letter to C.G. Alsbach, ordering several pieces of sheetmusic); OTTO LIES (2 letters and a biographical sketch, made for inclusion in a new edition of Riemann's Lexikon ("Ik heb van "Arische" afstamming bijgevoegd veronderstellende, dat dit conditio sine qua non zal wezen voor evt. opneming"); MAX MEYER OLBERSLEBEN (postcard to Wilhelm Schmid, unread); ALOIS PACHER (letter to Schott, on the success of his Soirée, otherwise unread); TORSTEN PETRE (autograph unsigned extensive biographical sketch, with covering letter by Emil Barelius to Alsbach & Co.); HANS PFITZNER (carbon copy of a testimony for "Louise Deborte-Schönholtz"); HEINRICH PROCH (letter to B. Schott's Söhne, on business matters and expenses); CHRISTIAN HEINRICH RINCK (letter to Schott, letter covering the sending of a "kleiner Sonatine" to Schott); JOSEPH RUMMEL (letter to Schott); CHRISTIAN SINDING (menu-card with sentiment to J.G. Alsbach, also signed by i.a. RAGNAR KIERALF); HANS SCHMIDT (letter to C.G. Alsbach, unread); RUDOLF WILLMERS (letter to Schott, i.a. on an adaptation of his Impressions du Rhin, which he considers his best work; congratulating his uncle on his new position[?] and wondering who will be the new director of the "LIedertafel"); NIKOLAY YOUSSOUPOFF (letter to Schott, on making a hotel booking on the Isle of Wight) and MAX ZENGER (letter to mr Schmid, asking him if he can borrow the score of a piece of music that he has to perform soon with an (unidentified) singer).

€ (300-500) 650
73 2194 Music  Lachner Franz 1803 1890 73 2194 Music Lachner Franz 1803 1890
73/2194 [Music]. Lachner, Franz (1803-1890). Lot of 3 AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED "Franz Lachner" (2x) and "Fr. Lachner", to B. Schott (2x) and to an unidentified correspondent, dated "22 März 1848", "29 März 1848" and "8 Oct. 1851", all pen and ink, each 1 leaf, recto only (2x)/ recto and verso (1x).

- Letter of 22 March 1848 torn due to careless opening.

= 1.) [To Schott publishers]: "Ich habe im Auftrag einiger Freunde in Darmstadt drei [...?] Chöre für Männerstimme und [...]instrumente geschrieben. (...) Sollen[??] Sie dieselben in Verlag nehmen, so fragen sie für ein Honorar 100 [...]; ich muss jedoch bitten, mir umgehend ihre Meinung [...] zu [...] (...)."; 2.) [To unidentified correspondent]: "(...) Die beiden Chöre habe ich zur [...] am Schott geschickt, da ich [...], sobald sie gestochen sind, [...]. Ich bitte [...] um bald möglichsten Übersendung des zweiten Chors, den ich ebenfalls Schott versprochen habe (...)."; 3.) [To Schott publishers]: difficult to read, but Lachner mentions i.a. a new Symphony that he has written, which will be performed the next month; asks to send his greetings to [Franz] Pauer if he comes to Mainz, to exhort him to return the Quartets and Quintets that he sent him as soon as possible.

WITH: Lachner, Vinzenz (1811-1893). Two AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED "V. Lachner", both to "J. Schott", dated "28ten April 1848" and [in receiver's hand] "28 April 1848", both pen and ink, both 1 fold. leaf, 1x recto and verso, (3)p., and 1x recto only.

= Asking Schott to hand the scores and vocal scores of his Oratorium to the "Liedertafel" of Mainz. Also writing on Mendelssohn's "Lieder ohne Worte" and on the increase of the price of the work (it was published over the years between 1832-1845). In the second letter he writes that he has forgotten to ask Schott "um sofortigen Zusendung der neuen Oper von Auber" as soon as possible.

€ (400-600) 400
73 2195 Music  Léoncavallo Ruggero 1858 1919 73 2195 Music Léoncavallo Ruggero 1858 1919
73/2195 [Music]. Léoncavallo, Ruggero (1858-1919). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "R. Leoncavallo", to an unidentified correspondent, dated "27 Décembre 1894", pen and ink, 1 folded leaf, recto and verso, (4)p.

= A pleasantly sincere letter wishing for happy things to pass in the coming year (specifically referring to his operas I Medici and Rolando): "(...) J'espère que la petite guerre contre l'étranger cessera bientôt et les pauvres Medicis pourront en Allemagne faire le chemin qu'ils méritent! Le 2 Janvier je vais à Prague pour ces Medicis (...). Pour le printemps prochaine le plan du Roland sera fait et soumis à l'Empereur. (...).".

€ (250-350)
73 2196 Music  Lindpaintner Peter Joseph von 1791 1856 73 2196 Music Lindpaintner Peter Joseph von 1791 1856
73/2196 [Music]. Lindpaintner, Peter Joseph von (1791-1856). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Jos v. Lindpaintner", to "Sehr verehrter Freund" (J.B. Schott), dated "Stuttgart am 17. Juni 1854", pen and ink, 1 fold. leaf, recto only, (1)p., w. remains of wax seal.

= Writing that he has had a pleasant trip to Aachen but that his suitcase has not arrived a week after his arrival. "Was die Sache noch dringender macht ist der Zustand, daß ich in 12 Tagen [...] nach München abreisen gedenke[?] (...)".

€ (150-250) 150
73 2197 Music  Marschner Heinrich 1795 1861 73 2197 Music Marschner Heinrich 1795 1861
73/2197 [Music]. Marschner, Heinrich (1795-1861). Five AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED "H. Marschner", (post)dated between "26 Apr. (33)" and "9n Mai 59", pen and ink, all 1 (fold.) leaf (recto only (3x) and recto and verso (2x)), 3x w. (part of) wax seal.

= Three letters addressed to the publisher B. Schott Söhne, two letters to unidentified correspondents (one w. date of receipt of a payment signed "H. Essen"). I.a. a short note to Schott on the score of Hérold's opera Zampa; another short note to the same on the score of Hérold's opera Le Pré aux Clercs; a letter (postdate "15 June", 1 leaf, 2p.) to Schott Söhne on i.a. Marschner's opera Hans Heiling (his most successful opera), offering Schott the rights to publish any adaptation wished of the opera (the opera was first performed in May 1833); a letter (dated "9/5 1859", 1 leaf, 2p.) on the composition of "dem alten Arndt (...) von dem ich hoffe, daß es populär genug gefallen ist, um bald in 's Volk zu dringen und von ihm gesungen zu werden (...)" and "Ein eben vollendet (u ein (...) mir (...) sehr gelungenes) Liederheft vom Rhein v. Carl Siebel darf ich Ihnen jetzt wohl einst anbieten?"); and the final short letter accomp. a payment of 20 Louis d'Or to the composer/ violinist Heinrich Esser for his opera Riquiqui, signed by both Marschner and (for recipt) by Esser (dated "10n Dezbr. 1843", 1 leaf recto only). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXVII.

€ (700-900) 700
73 2198 Music  Mascagni Pietro 1863 1945 73 2198 Music Mascagni Pietro 1863 1945
73/2198 [Music]. Mascagni, Pietro (1863-1945). AUTOGRAPH CARD SIGNED "Mascagni", to "Carissimo Sigr. Bock", dated "Livorno Agosto '93", pen and ink, 1 folded leaf, recto only, (2)p.

= Letter of recommendation for the baritone Mattia Battistini to Mr Bock: "Le scrivo questa mia par presentarle l'illustre Baritono Mattia Battistini che si reca a Berlino per cantare l'opera italiana. La Sua Constanza sarà si grande utilità al Sign. Battistini; e raccomandando un amico al Sign. Bock, so di raccomandarlo ad un gentiluomo e ad una persona che ha grande influenza. Non le dico altro (...). Lavoro sempre con amore al Ratcliff (...)." Mattia Battistini (1856-1928), a famous Italian operatic baritone, also known as the "king of baritones".

WITH an anonymous contemp. humorous 12-line manuscript description of P. Mascagni in pen and ink, headed "Signalement von PO. Mascagni" and opening as follows:

'Schlanco nobilo gestalto! Molto eleganto halto! Kopf in italiano Stilo! Edlo classico Profilo (...)" (1 leaflet, recto only). - WITH a cyclostyled typescript copy of the "Signalement".

€ (150-250) 170
73 2199 Music  Menter Sofie 1846 1918 73 2199 Music Menter Sofie 1846 1918
73/2199 [Music]. Menter, Sofie (1846-1918). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Sofie Menter", to "Sehr geehrter Herr" [= G. Alsbach & Co.], dated "Wien am 12. December 1897", pen and ink, 1 leaf, recto and verso, (2)p.

= Sofie Menter, Liszt's favourite female piano student, friend of Tchaikovsky's, who orchestrated Menter's Ungarische Zigeunerweisen for piano and orchestra. Letter in which she states that she will be able to play at Nürnberg on the 19th of January and writing that, instead of demanding the usual fee of 1000 Mark, she is willing to reduce that to 700 Mark. Also proposing the concert program as "Beethovens Es dur Concert und meine ungarischen Zigeunerweisen von Tschaikowsky instrumentiert". Rare.

€ (100-150) 100
73 2200 Music  Menuhin Yehudi 1916 1999 73 2200 Music Menuhin Yehudi 1916 1999
73/2200 [Music]. Menuhin, Yehudi (1916-1999). AUTOGRAPH CARD SIGNED "Yehudi Menuhin", pen and black ink, dated "March 1950", on a blank card 4,4x9,5 cm. - WITH 2 similar cards signed in blue ballpoint by HEPHZIBAH MENUHIN (1920-1981) and YALTAH MENUHIN (1921-2001) (the latter card dated "March 5th 1951").
€ (70-90)
73 2201 Music  Methfessel Albert Gottlieb 1785 1869 73 2201 Music Methfessel Albert Gottlieb 1785 1869
73/2201 [Music]. Methfessel, Albert Gottlieb (1785-1869). Two AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED "A. Methfessel", to "Herrn B. Schott's Söhnen", dated "Braunschweig, am 9. febr. 1843" and "Braunschweig am 24. febr. 1843", pen and ink, both 1 leaf (1x fold.), recto only/ recto and verso, (1)p. and (3)p.

- First letter cut sl. short, affecting the words in the left margin.

= Both letters are difficult to read, but the first (truncated) letter i.a. concerning a short (unidentified) piece that Methfessel has sent to Schott for publication, granting him "plein pouvoir zu entscheiden und handeln. Das Werkchen wird allerdings mit Chor u. [...?] solostimmen sich am besten [...?] doch weiss ich aus meine Versuche, das es auch für einfaches Männer [...] sich wirksam zeigt." The second letter i.a. reads: "Ich füge [...] hinzu, daß die Partitur der Adam'schen Oper bereits nach Leipzig unterwegs ist. (...) Insofern es noch Zeit dazu ist, würde ich Sie bitten, die beifolgende Seite [...?] des im Msct. befindlichen Schlußseites (Adagio Ȼ) einzuschalten[?], damit der Baß noch einmal seinen [...] am Leben in [...] Rhythmus aussprechen kan." Also including a few bars of music to indicate how he wishes the word "Drekk" to be performed (as "Dre-- ka ka!").

€ (150-250) 150
73 2202 Music  Meyerbeer Giacomo 1791 1864 73 2202 Music Meyerbeer Giacomo 1791 1864
73/2202 [Music]. Meyerbeer, Giacomo (1791-1864). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Meyerbeer", to "Hochgeehrter Herr", dated "Berlin den 2ten Februar 1843", pen and ink, 1 folded leaf, recto only, (1)p., wax seal present.

= On the German publication of Le Cantique du Trappiste. Stating that he would have preferred to see the publisher use the "vortreffliche Deutsche Übersetzung" of this song that was made by Ludwig Rellstab.

Idem. AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Meyerbeer", to "Sehr hochgeboren", dated "Berlin, den 18ten März 1843", 1 leaf, recto only, (1)p.

= Letter covering the sending of the translation of the Sicilienne, so that it can be used for a new edition of the Sicilienne. Also referring to the "Gebet der Trappisten" and asking if he could send a number of copies with the German text to him, because the song is very popular in his surroundings and the version with German text would be gladly received.

Idem. AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Meyerbeer", to "Sehr geehrter Herr", dated "Berlin 12te November 62", pen and ink, 1 leaf, recto only, (1)p.

= Asking his correspondent to reserve the same seats for him as he had in the preceding year for the "Concerte" [of ...?].

€ (400-600) 400
73 2203 Music  Moscheles Ignace 1794 1870 73 2203 Music Moscheles Ignace 1794 1870
73/2203 [Music]. Moscheles, Ignace (1794-1870). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "I. Moscheles", to "Sehr geehrte Herren!" [G.B. Schott Söhne], dated "Paris den 11n Jäner 1821", pen and ink, 1 leaf, recto only.

- Waterstained in left margin; sl. foxed.

= "Ich habe die Ehre Ihnen an zu zeigen[?], daß der Tag der Publication des Temerezza den 5. Jäner 1822 fastgesetzt worden ist. (...) Schlesinger hat hier [...?] eine Polonaise brillante für P.F. allein, und ein concertantes Potpourri für P.F. und Violine [...?] ich mit Lafont komponierte, herausgegeben. (...)".

€ (150-250) 150
73 2204 Music  Ormandy E  1899 1985 73 2204 Music Ormandy E 1899 1985
73/2204 [Music]. Ormandy, E. (1899-1985). AUTOGRAPH CARD SIGNED "Eugene Ormandy", dated "1951", pen and blue ink, on blank card, 4,5x10,5 cm. Böhm, K. (1894-1981). AUTOGRAPH CARD SIGNED "Karl Böhm", dated "Amsterdam 20./10. 54", pen and blue ink, on blank card, 4,5x10 cm. Solti, G. AUTOGRAPH CARD SIGNED "Georg Solti", dated "Amsterdam d. 15. Nov. 1955", pen and blue ink, on blank card, 6x10 cm. - AND 19 similar AUTOGRAPH CARDS SIGNED (1x on photographic portrait postcard), by i.a. ARTURO BASILE, JOSEPH KRIPS (with musical quotation (unidentified)), FERDINAND LEITNER, MARIO ROSSI, WOLFGANG SAWALLISCH, FRIEDER WEISMANN and RICCARDO CHAILLY (2x: an autograph card SIGNED and a photographic portrait postcard SIGNED).
€ (80-100)
73 2205 Music  Pierné Gabriel 1863 1937 73 2205 Music Pierné Gabriel 1863 1937
73/2205 [Music]. Pierné, Gabriel (1863-1937). AUTOGRAPH SIGNED NOTE "Gabriel Pierné" to "Lucien Solvay", dated "Spa 10 aout 91", pen and ink, 1 leaf, recto only, 27x20 cm.

= "A mon cher collaborateur et ami Lucien Solvay [Belgian journalist]." With on the same leaf a dedication to "Lucien [or Julien? ] Solvay" signed by "Catulle Mendes" (French author and poet).

Dutilleux, H. (1916-2013) and Joy, G. (1919-2009). Two AUTOGRAPH SIGNED CARDS, "Henri Dutilleux" and "Genevieve Joy", pen and ink/ ballpoint, both on a blank card, both 6,5x9,3 cm.

= Geneviève Joy, Dutilleux's wife, was a French pianist.

AND 17 other SIGNED etc. sm. cards of approx. similar size, all ±1960, SIGNED by i.a. Jurriaan Andriessen, Alejandro Barletta (with 6 bars of music from his "Danza Argentina" on recto and 7 bars "Tema de Zamba" on verso), Alan Bush, Edgar Curtis (with a short note), Imogen Holst, Klaus Huber (with an amusing short note), Tera de Marez Oyens and (her husband) G.H. de Marez Oyens, Daniel Ruyneman, Pierre Schaeffer, Ralph Vaughan Williams and J.A. Zagwijn.

€ (100-150) 200
73 2206 Music  Pierné Gabriel 1863 1937 73 2206 Music Pierné Gabriel 1863 1937
73/2206 [Music]. Pierné, Gabriel (1863-1937). AUTOGRAPH POSTCARD SIGNED "Gabriel Pierné", to "Monsieur Henri Viotta", date unread, pen and ink, recto [adress] and verso.

- Folded twice.

= "Monsieur et cher Maitre, Madame J. Dalcroze me complète la programme. Elle chantera donc la 2e partie entre la pièce d'orch: et Stenka Razine: A. Renouveau - Castillon B. Claire de lune - Gabriel Fauiré C. Sur l'alpe voisine Dalcroze. Dans la 1re partie - la romance de Margavits. Excusez moi de vs adresser une aussi volumineuse correspondance, mais vraiment, en cette affaire, vous me semble le seul à qui je puisse m'adresser en toute confiance; monsieur Wydman ne me repond pas! (...)".

€ (80-100) 80
73/2207 Music  Processionarium secundum usum ecclesiae Divi Matthei oppidice Lucena Corduben Dioecesis 73/2207 Music Processionarium secundum usum ecclesiae Divi Matthei oppidice Lucena Corduben Dioecesis
73/2207 Music  Processionarium secundum usum ecclesiae Divi Matthei oppidice Lucena Corduben Dioecesis 73/2207 Music Processionarium secundum usum ecclesiae Divi Matthei oppidice Lucena Corduben Dioecesis
73/2207 [Music]. "Processionarium secundum usum ecclesiae Divi Matthei oppidice Lucena. Corduben, Dioecesis". Manuscript songbook, Spain, 16th cent., XC vellum lvs., pen and black/ brown ink, captions/ initials and music bars rubricated in red, first leaf w. large initial in red and blue, contemp. gilt calf over wooden covers, 23,5x16 cm.

- Vellum occas. darkened; sl. fingersoiled. Binding sl. rubbed and worn; backstrip w. 2 dam. spots; gilding partly faded/ worn off.

= Contains Gregorian chants to be used during all yearly processions in Lucena, diocese of Cordoba. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXVII.

€ (3.000-5.000) 7000
73 2208 Music  Raff Joachim 1822 1882 73 2208 Music Raff Joachim 1822 1882
73/2208 [Music]. Raff, Joachim (1822-1882). Two AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED "Joachim Raff", to "C.G. Alsbach" and to "herrn Schotts Söhne", dated "Weimar 3 Aug. 1851" and "Frankfurt Main 2. Juni 1878", both pen and ink, both 1 fold. leaf, recto and verso/ recto only, (2)p./ (1)p., first letter on paper w. blindst. monogram of the composer in upper left corner, w. 2 envelopes both addressed to Alsbach (one apparently belonging to another letter by Raff, stamped Frankf. a.M., without clear date).

= The first letter on a change made in König Alfred: "(...) zahlreiche andre Arbeiten haben mich bis vor kürzer Zeit behindert, Ihnen versprochenermaße[?] für die "Mazurka" ein andres Stück herzustellen. Dies ist [...?] geschehen. Die [...?] die ich Ihnen bestimmt habe ist über ein Motif der "Puritan", das allen Welt beliebt ist: [follow two bars of music]. Sehr brillant u.[...?] und wird Ihnen im Druck höchstens 9 Seiten (in Ganzen also 3 bogen) ausmachen." Asking Schott if he is willing to print some songs by him as well as "sehr gelungene Stücke für Klavier u. Violine, und Klavier mit Violoncello (...)". The second letter is mainly about the expenses that he has to make to pay for his rent and daily living costs.

€ (150-250) 150
73 2209 Music  Reinecke Carl 1824 1910 73 2209 Music Reinecke Carl 1824 1910
73 2209 Music  Reinecke Carl 1824 1910 73 2209 Music Reinecke Carl 1824 1910
73/2209 [Music]. Reinecke, Carl (1824-1910). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Carl Reinecke", to "Sehr geehrter Herr!", dated "L. 28/1 Aug. 97", pen and ink, 1 folded leaf, recto and verso, (2)p.

= Comparing the Röthig-schen Solo-Quartett with the Amsterdamer a cappella and rating the latter above the former. Also stating that he knows Dr. E. Vogel only as a music historian and doesn't know anything about his other specialities.

Idem. AUTOGRAPH "Verlagschein" SIGNED "Carl Reinecke", dated "Leipsic, d. 2 April 1870", pen and ink, 1 leaf, recto only.

= Declaration by Reinecke that he grants the rights of his "Neuer Frühling von Otto Roquette - Männerchor" to the publishers Wilhelm Schmid, of Nürnberg and Münich, and that he has received the agreed payment.

€ (100-150) 110
73 2210 Music  Rheinberger Josef 1839 1901 73 2210 Music Rheinberger Josef 1839 1901
73/2210 [Music]. Rheinberger, Josef (1839-1901). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Josef Rheinberger", to "Sehr geehrter Herr!" [Edmund Astor], dated "München d. 22. 7b.", pen and ink, 1 fold. leaf w. monogram "JR" in blue in upper left corner, recto only.

- Sl. duststained.

= Josef Rheinberger, German organist, music teacher and composer, writing to Edmund Astor, director of the Leipsic branch of the publishers Rieter-Biedermann. Contents of the letter difficult to decipher, but apparently on the sending of an (unidientified) partition.

€ (100-150) 130
73 2211 Music  Ries Ferdinand 1764 1838 73 2211 Music Ries Ferdinand 1764 1838
73 2211 Music  Ries Ferdinand 1764 1838 73 2211 Music Ries Ferdinand 1764 1838
73/2211 [Music]. Ries, Ferdinand (1764-1838). Two AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED "Ferd. Ries": 1.) To "Herrn Schott", dated "frankfort, 24 July 1832", pen and ink, 1 leaf, recto only.

- Sm. dam. spot due to opening of the seal of the letter.

= Difficult to read, but i.a. on one of his quintets: "(...) den 28 Juni habe ich Ihnen die Correcturen[?] des Quintettes geschickt, ich [...?] dieses Werk bald zu erhalten, indem ich unaufhörlich damit geplagt wurde: (...) Wollen Sie die neue Fest Ouverture mit Singer-[...?] herausgeben? für 20 Louis d'or gebe ich sie Ihnen [...?]. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXV.

2.) To "Herrn B. Schott Söhnen in Mainz", dated "Godesberg 17 feb: 1826", pen and ink, 1 folded leaf, recto and verso, (3)p.

= Stating that "Da ich gestern 3 Mitglieder der direction des Düsseldorfer Musik[...?] bey mir [hätte?], so behalt[?] ich die Partitur des Beethovenschen Werk [...]. Es ist mir sehr leid Ihnen sagen zu müssen, das nach langen überlegung, wir es zu gefährlich fanden, dass wir diesem grossen Werk leisten könnten - indem wir bey dieser gelegenheit so sehr viele[?] Liebhaber haben, und indem nur ein Probe mit dem ganzen ensemble möglicht ist (...). Von meinen eigenen Compositionen würde ich mit Vergnügen etwas in ihrem Verlage sehen. Von [...?] habe ich ein ganz neue Introduction et Rondo brillant für das Klavier mit accomp. von ganzen Orchestre, ebenfalls das Quintett accomp und auch ohne Accomp arrangirt. Honorar 20 Französische Louis d'or." He goes on to list some more works with the required prices.

€ (500-700) 500
73 2212 Music  Rochlitz Johann Friedrich 1769 1842 73 2212 Music Rochlitz Johann Friedrich 1769 1842
73/2212 [Music]. Rochlitz, Johann Friedrich (1769-1842). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED Rochlitz, to "Herrn Gebrüder Schott", dated "Leipzig, d. 21 von November.24", pen and ink, 1 leaf, recto only.

= Johann Friedrich Rochlitz, German playwright, musicologist and art and music critic, thanking Schott for sending over a copy of Cäcilia and complimentig Schott. Writes on his health. "(...) Sehr gern schreib ich über Beethoven's Symfonien, die ich fast auswendig weiß; und noch lieber, über Webers [...?] dem ich mich hinzu sogar gewissermaßen verpflichtet fühle, nicht durch [...] oder andere Verbindlichkeiten, sondern durch Hochachtung und Zuneigung; aber es muß unterbleiben[?]; wie ich, in gegenwartigen Lage, mich auch nicht einmal auf zusagen irgend meiner Art einlassen darf. (...)"

AND 2 others: a short AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED by the poet JULIUS WOLFF (dated "22 April 1894", asking for a copy of an article published about him and asking his correspondent to thank the author of the article, A. Voigt) and an AUTOGRAPH INVOICE SIGNED by CHARLES-FRANCOIS-MARIE DE REMUSAT for the rights of his "deuxième concertino" (dated "6 mars 1852).

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