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73 2213 Music  Röntgen Julius 1855 1932 73 2213 Music Röntgen Julius 1855 1932
73/2213 [Music]. Röntgen, Julius (1855-1932). Two AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED and one AUTOGRAPH POSTCARD SIGNED "Julius Röntgen", to "de Heeren G. Alsbach & Co." (postcard), the recipient(s) of the letters not named but probably the same, dated "Amsterdam, 1 Jan. 1898"/ "Amsterdam, 29 Febr. 08" and "Amst. 8 Nov. 98", pen and ink, 2 fold. leaves, both recto and verso, (2)p./ (4)p. and [the card] (1)p.

- One letter dam. without text loss (tear in first leaf) and crossing out of date in pencil.

= 1) Concerning a concert program with the soprano Alida Oldenboom, stating his wish that he may perform his piano solo works before the songs, and listing the works that he will perform.

2) Letter in which Röntgen gives an interesting overview of the projects on which he has been working in the winter of 1907-1908: "bezig gehouden met het Oude Nederlandsche lied en heb weer eenige bundels van de Oude melodieën voor zang en piano bewerkt. (...) In aansluiting hieraan (...) een werk voor Orkest geschreven, dat nog in Manuscript is. Het draagt den naam "Oud-Holland" (...) Ook een nieuw Pianoconcert is voltooid. Voor Pablo Casals heb ik in de laatste jaren drie Cello Sonates geschreven. No.3 zal ik met hem eerstdaags in Parijs ten gehore brengen. (...) ik [heb] mij bezig gehouden met het doorzien van Edvard Grieg's nalatenschap. Verschillende werken, die hij niet meer voor den druk in orde brengen kon, zullen in 't najaar in de Edition Peetersverschijnen: twee deelen van een Strijk kwartet, eenige Piano stukken en twee bundels liederen. Ik schrijf op 't oogenblik herinneringen aan Edvard Grieg in aansluiting aan zijne aan mij gerichte brieven. (...)".

3) The postcard informs Alsbach & Co. that a work ("een gedeelte uit eene Sonate") that he had performed in a concert in Rotterdam was not yet published.

AND 10 AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED and 2 AUTOGRAPH POSTCARDS SIGNED by 11 Dutch composers: G. VON BRÜCKEN FOCK (not dated, 1 leaf, (3)p. Listing his main works and works in progress); FRITS KOEBERG (dated "Den Haag 6 April 1908 (...)", 1 fold. leaf, recto only, (2)p. Listing his major works, but also stating "Gedrukt werk heb ik vrijwel niet (...). Maar daarentegen is wèl alles - verscheidene werken zelfs vele malen - uitgevoerd, zoodat ik nooit een noot schreef welke ik niet in uitvoering hoorde. Een waar geluk!"); GUILLAUME LANDRÉ (dated "Amstelveen 18 '2 '39 Molenweg 34", 2 leaves, recto only. Letter answering a list of questions concering his music (for a future edition of Riemann's Lexikon) and on a separate leaf the answers; the letter emphatically states that he will only allow information to be used if Riemann's Lexicon will refrain from applying racist (anti-Jewish) theories in their selection); WILLEM LANDRÉ (dated "Rotterdam 23 Maart ["1908" added on verso in pencil]", 1 leaf, recto and verso, (2)p. An list of the works that he has composed or is working on); DANIËL DE LANGE (dated "Utr. 30/ 4/ 98", 1 fold. leaf, recto only, (1)p. Short letter, stating that of his works for cello only his "Adagio voor Violoncel" has been published); CATHARINA VAN RENES (1 postcard (postmarked "26 Sep. 98") and 1 short letter (undated). The postcard listing a few successful compositions by her, i.a. the "Oranje Nassau Cantate", the letter concerning an (unidentified) upcoming concert that she wishes to attend); LOUIS SCHNITZLER (postcard, dated "Rott. 26/1 99", recto only. On where his composition "Was (...) Uw aangesight van gout" was published); CARL SMULDERS (dated "16 april 1908", 1 folded leaf, recto and verso, (3)p. Writing that he has solely been writing about French literature, hoping that soon he will be able to return to writing music); HENDRIKA VAN TUSSENBROEK (dated "1908" in pencil in later hand, 1 fold. leaf, recto and verso, (2)p. On her disinclination to answer a request about her compositions, but also stating that if she feels the urge to answer, she will do so); JOS. VRANKEN (dated "30 Maart 1908", 1 leaf (in 4 separate sections), recto only. Listing several of his (choral) works) and JOHAN WAGENAAR (dated "30 Jan. 23 den Haag", 1 leaf, recto only. Listing the compositions that he considers the most important of his oeuvre).

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73 2214 Music  Rubinstein A  1887 1982 73 2214 Music Rubinstein A 1887 1982
73/2214 [Music]. Rubinstein, A. (1887-1982). AUTOGRAPH SENTIMENT SIGNED "Arthur Rubinstein", dated "18.6.1954", blue ballpoint, on blank card 5,8x9,4 cm., recto only (vertical fold). - AND 8 others similar, all by pianists, i.a. by WILHELM KEMPFF (dated "12.4.59"), EDUARDO DEL PUEYO (dated "Rotterdam 23-I-50") MAURIZIO POLLINI (undated) and HANS RICHTER-HAASER (dated "Rotterdam, 4.2.55").
€ (120-150) 120
73 2215 Music  Schönberg Arnold 1874 1951 73 2215 Music Schönberg Arnold 1874 1951
73/2215 [Music]. Schönberg, Arnold (1874-1951). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Arnold Schönberg", dated "26.X.1929", to "Sehr geehrter Herr", pen and ink, 1 leaf, recto only, (1)p., on paper w. stamped letterhead in purple "Arnold Schönberg Mödling bei Wien Bernhardg. 6. - Tel.118"

- Oblique line in pencil accross letter.

= "Sehr geehrter Herr, darf ich Sie bitten - Sie kennen meinen Namen höffentlich von meiner Anwesenheit in Amsterdam, so wie von der [...] Aufführung meiner Gurrelieder im Jahr 1914 - mir ein Gefälligkeit zu erwiesen? Ich lernte in Juni 1914 als ich in Amsterdam [...] für die Gurrelieder-Aufführung erhielt, in Gesellschaft des Präsidentes[?] jenen Vereines (... Maatschappij tot Bevordering der Toonkunst) einen Herrn, namens Boissavant (oder Boissavin) kennen (...)". Asking Alsbach if he knows the name and address of Boissevain, so that he can send him an enclosed(?) [not present] letter. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXVIII.

€ (1.200-1.500) 1200
73 2216 Music  Schumann Robert 1810 1856 73 2216 Music Schumann Robert 1810 1856
73/2216 [Music]. Schumann, Robert (1810-1856). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Sch", to "Lieber Hischbach'", not dated, pen and ink, 1 fold. leaf, recto only, (1)p.

= Short, mostly illegible, letter to the composer and music critic Hermann Hirschbach, who was a contributor to Schumann's journal Neue Zeitschrift für Musik. With accomp. covering letter by A. ROSTING, co-owner of the firm Friedrich Hofmeister, who presented the Schumann letter to Mr Alsbach (w. printed letterhead of Friedrich Hofmeister Musikalien-Verlag (...) Leipsic). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXVIII.

€ (700-900) 1600
73 2217 Music  Schumann Wieck Clara 1819 1896 73 2217 Music Schumann Wieck Clara 1819 1896
73/2217 [Music]. Schumann-Wieck, Clara (1819-1896). MANUSCRIPT LETTER SIGNED "Clara Schumann", to "Geehrter Herr", dated "Frankfurt d. 17 Juni 82", pen and ink, 1 folded leaf, recto and verso, (2)p., w. orig. manuscript envelope addressed to "Herrn G. ALSBACH u. Cie (...) Rotterdam".

= "So gern ich zu Ihren Vorhaben die Hand reichte, so ist mir dies doch unmöglich, denn ich besitze die Stimmen zur Genoveva nicht, und weiss auch nicht, ob Sie dieselben leiweise erhalten können da ich all das Geschäftliche in Bezug auf die Oper dem Praesidenten der Autorengemeinschaft in Leipzig übergeben habe. (...)." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXVIII.

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73 2218 Music  Schweitzer A  1875 1965 73 2218 Music Schweitzer A 1875 1965
73/2218 [Music]. Schweitzer, A. (1875-1965). Two AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED "Albert Schweitzer", to "Hochverehrter gnadige Frau" and "Liebe Frau Sutter-Moser", dated "Auf Reizen 29.9.21" and "Günsbach bei Münster. Elzas. (...) 4.8.23", both pen and ink, recto only/ recto and verso.

= Schweitzer personally invites Mrs. Suter-Moser to one of his performances in Zürich "als um J.S. Bach verwandte Seelen".

€ (200-300) 850
73 2219 Music  Sinigaglia Leone 1868 1944 73 2219 Music Sinigaglia Leone 1868 1944
73/2219 [Music]. Sinigaglia, Leone (1868-1944). AUTOGRAPH POSTCARD SIGNED "Leone Sinigaglia", to "Alsbach & Doyer", postmarked "8-11 1920", pen and ink, recto only.

= Leone Sinigaglia, Italian composer, mountaineer, acquaintance of Brahms and Dvorak and especially known for his arrangements of Italian folksongs, and for his passion for mountaineering which not only gave him the opportunity to collect these songs in the hills of Cavoretto but also to write a mountaineering classic titled Climbing reminiscences of the Dolomites, which was published in English in 1898.

AND 9 others by Italian musicians directed to either Schott or Alsbach or Astor: 7 AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED by ADOLPHE FUMAGALLI (pianist/ composer famous for his pieces for the left hand only; letter formally stating that the rights of several piano pieces are with Mr Wessel et Cie); ANTONIO BAZZINI (Italian violinist and composer, 2 letters writing about his success in the Netherlands and in Paris); GIULIO BRICCIALDI (flutist and composer, writing about his lack of money and asking for 250 Francs as soon as possible); LUIGI BORDÈSE (composer and singing teacher, 2 letters mostly about money, but also emphatically declaring that there is no other copy extant of his Assaut de Soubrette than the one that he sent to Schott); ALFREDO PIATTI (cellist, letter stating the price of several of his compositions, i.a. Six Romances and his "Opera 10. 11. e 12"); and 2 AUTOGRAPH (POST)CARDS SIGNED by SALVATORE DE CASTRONE-MARCHESI (baritone, autogr. on visiting card (not signed)) and ENRICO BOSSI (organ player, postcard about his great success as organist and as composer in Amsterdam and Rotterdam; and asking Mr Astor to send an invoice to the enthousiastic Mengelberg for all parts of his works that he had sent to him, because he wishes to keep them).

€ (150-250) 350
73 2220 Music  Stavenhagen Bernhard 1862 1914 73 2220 Music Stavenhagen Bernhard 1862 1914
73 2220 Music  Stavenhagen Bernhard 1862 1914 73 2220 Music Stavenhagen Bernhard 1862 1914
73 2220 Music  Stavenhagen Bernhard 1862 1914 73 2220 Music Stavenhagen Bernhard 1862 1914
73 2220 Music  Stavenhagen Bernhard 1862 1914 73 2220 Music Stavenhagen Bernhard 1862 1914
73/2220 [Music]. Stavenhagen, Bernhard (1862-1914). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Bernhard Stavenhagen", addressed to "Mein lieber Freund" [Johan Wijsman], not dated (±1908 [according to annot. by the previous owner]), address heading "Frans Jozef Str. 15" above letter, pen and ink, 1 fold. leaf (mourning letter-paper), recto and verso.

= Bernard Stavenhagen, pianist, composer and conductor, who promoted the modern music of his time. He premiered works by i.a. Debussy, Mahler, Pfitzner and Schönberg. Mostly unreadable autograph letter to the Dutch pianist Johan Wijsman. Having returned home from "Riga(?)" he wishes to thank Wijsman and his wife for their kindness and hopes that they will meet again in the next season. Also correcting a minor financial matter, concerning his expenses in Amsterdam.

Schäfer, Dirk (1873-1931). Six AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED and 2 AUTOGRAPH POSTCARdS SIGNED "Dirk Schäfer", and one cyclostyled letter (unsigned), all to "Geachte heer Doyer" or "Alsbach & Doyer", dated between "1 Maart 1908" - "12 October 1926", all letters 1 leaf, all but one recto and verso.

= An interesting series of letters, showing the meticulous control that Schäfer wished to have on the dates of his concerts and the venues where he performed. A few quotes: "Uw verzoek bereikt mij juist in een tijd waarin het componeeren mij onmogelijk gemaakt wordt door andere werkzaamheden: concerteeren, lesgeven enz. Zoo'n concertseizoen, circa 7 maanden waarin ik gedwongen word geen noot op papier te mogen zetten. (...) Intusschentijds heb ik af en toe gewerkt aan 2 Sonaten voor viool en piano, mijne jongste compositie, eveneens manuscript (...) Enkele correcturen daarin zullen mij zeer tot mijn spijt nopen, de voorgenomen a.s. introductie door Carl Flesch, uit te stellen." (1908); "Het is een reuzenplan - géén abonnement voor 10 concerten. - Ik verlang medewerking doch geen tegenwerking, zooals mij dezer dagen weder door U geschiedt. Bij een dergelijk ondernemen ben ik de verantwoordelijke persoon zoodat én concertdirectie én publiek zich moeten regelen naar de bepalingen die ik noodig acht te maken tot het doen welslagen van mijn plan (...)."

AND 5 other autograph letters signed and 2 autograph postcards signed, i.a. by the pianist FREDERIC LAMOND (dated "5. Februar, 1909", 1 fold. leaf, (3)p. Mainly on advertising his concert in Amsterdam, and asking in which hotel he will be staying) and by JOHAN WIJSMAN (i.a. an annoyed postcard prob. to Alsbach & Doyer about badly planned concert dates and annulled concerts ("(Viotta bericht dat de concerten beslist niet door kunnen gaan) denk hij met kinderen te doen hebben? Busoni is vast en heeft zelfs München verzet om aan mijn verzoek te voldoen.").

€ (200-300) 700
73 2221 Music  Stravinsky I  1882 1971 73 2221 Music Stravinsky I 1882 1971
73/2221 [Music]. Stravinsky, I. (1882-1971). AUTOGRAPH NOTE SIGNED "I. Stravinsky" to "Tonny Stolk", pen and ink, 4,5x10,8 cm., on blank card, with orig. autograph envelope, poststamped "Bezoek Itep eeuwfeest Nederlandse Postzegel Utrecht 28 Juni-6 Juli" (Itep eeuwfeest was celebrated in 1952).

= "To Tony Stolk - thanks for birthday wishes. I am born June 5 - 18 1882" [referring to his date of birth according to the old style Julian calendar (5 June) and the date according to the Gregorian calendar (18 June)].

€ (250-350) 250
73 2222 Music  Suk Josef 1874 1935 73 2222 Music Suk Josef 1874 1935
73/2222 [Music]. Suk, Josef (1874-1935). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Josef Suk", to "Meine lieben Freunde!" (Alsbach & Doyer), dated "19/4 24", pen and ink, 1 fold. leaf, recto only, (1)p.

= Heartily thanking Alsbach and Doyer for their kind birthday wishes sent from Holland. Asking Alsbach if he is interested in a poster showing Smetena, which was specially made for the organisers of the Smetana festival, but of which he can also supply a copy to Alsbach. "Derselbe Künstel[sic] arbeitet an einer Plakate von meiner Wenigkeit. Falls du in einer Schublade ganz unten noch etwas Räum hast, kannst du auch dieselbe haben. (...).

€ (80-100) 80
73 2223 Music  Vermeulen M  1888 1967 73 2223 Music Vermeulen M 1888 1967
73/2223 [Music]. Vermeulen, M. (1888-1967). AUTOGRAPH CARD SIGNED "m.g. Matthijs Vermeulen", dated "2-9-1950. Amsterdam", pen and ink, on blank card, 4,5x9,4 cm. Badings, H. (1907-1987). AUTOGRAPH CARD SIGNED "H. Badings", pen and ink, on blank card, 3,7x8,5 cm. Jongen, Jos. (1873-1953). AUTOGRAPH MUSIC QUOTATION SIGNED "Jos. Jongen Bruxelles 21-2-51", 1 bar (unidentified), pen and ink, on blank card, 8,5x13,8 cm. (sl. browned) - AND 21 similar AUTOGRAPH SIGNED SENTIMENTS/ CARDS by Dutch and Belgian 20th cent. composers, i.a. Jean Absil, Hendrik Andriessen, Ignace Lilien, Guillaume Landré, Bernard Wagenaar, Alexander Voormolen, Oscar van Hemel, Léon Orthel, Jan Mul, Kees van Baaren, Lex van Delden and Hans Henkemans. - ADDED 36 other AUTOGRAPH SIGNED CARDS by conductors, all ±1950-1960, i.a. WIELAND WAGNER (AUTOGRAPH PHOTOGRAPH SIGNED "Wieland Wagner", ballpoint on recto real photogr. postcard portrait, 14,8x10,3 cm.); WOLFGANG WAGNER (AUTOGRAPH POSTCARD SIGNED "Wolfgang Wagner Bayreuth 1954", ballpoint on recto of real photogr. postcard portrait, 14,6x10,3 cm.); R. STOLZ (AUTOGRAPH PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT POSTCARD SIGNED "Robert Stolz","Herrn Tonny Stolk allerherzlichst", dated "October 1951", pen and blue ink, 13,8x8,5 cm.); IDEM (AUTOGRAPH SENTIMENT SIGNED "Allerherzlichst Robert Stolz", dated "October 1954", pen and blue ink, on blank card, 4,5x10,5 cm.) and AUTOGRAPH SIGNED CARDS by i.a. Colin Davis, István Kertész, Lorin Maazel (with a SIGNED photograph), Nicolai Malko, Zubin Mehta, Carl Schuricht and Georg Szell.
€ (100-150) 130
73 2224 Music  Viotta Henri 1848 1933 73 2224 Music Viotta Henri 1848 1933
73/2224 [Music]. Viotta, Henri (1848-1933). Two AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED "Henri Viotta", to "WelEdelgestrenge Heer" and "Zeer geachte Heeren" [both Alsbach & Doyer], dated "23 Nov. 1904" and "Den Haag, 21 Febr. 1907", pen and ink, both on fold. leaf (1x with letterpress letterhead of the "Koninklijk Conservatorium voor Muziek Directeur", both recto only, both (1)p.

- Second letter trifle duststained in lower margin.

= In the first letter Viotta asks for more time to answer a letter, because the matter is too complicated to give a short and quick answer. The second letter stating that "Het is mij natuurlijk het zelfde, of Pierné uitsluitend Fransche, of Russische en Fransche muziek uitvoert. Het zal het beste zijn, dat gij U direkt met hem in verbinding stelt. Ziehier overigens eene briefkaart (...) waarin hij zich excuseert dat hij zich steeds tot mij wendt: hij krijgt van niemand anders antwoord!".

Schmueller, Alex (1880-1933). Three AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED "A. Schmüller" (2x) and "Alex Schmüler", to "herr Doyer" (2x) and to "herr Alsbach", dated "Zeist 5 Juli 1915", "17. III 16" and "12. X. 24", pen and ink, each on 1 (2x fold.) leaf, recto and verso (1x)/ recto only, (2); (1); (1)p.

= Alex Schmueller, Dutch violinist of Belorussian origin, became teacher at the Amsterdam Conservatory. The first two letters are in German, the third letter in Dutch. The first letter deals with the practical matter of an unpaid invoice and the refusal of an employee of Doyer to send 3 Mozart violin concerto's to him unless the bill was paid. The second barely legible letter concerns his being too late to congratulate someone (unidentified) on his jubilee. In the final letter he confirms the contract for a concert and the payment to be received.

AND 2 other autographs by violinists: CARL FLESCH (autograph signed picture postcard, addressed to Alsbach & Co.) and NIEL VOGEL (short autograph letter signed, to Mr Doyer).

€ (100-150) 110
73 2225 Music  Wagner Cosima 1837 1930 73 2225 Music Wagner Cosima 1837 1930
73/2225 [Music]. Wagner, Cosima (1837-1930). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "C. Wagner", to an unidentified recipient, dated "Bayreuth Wahnfried 30 Avril 96", pen and ink, 1 folded leaf, recto and verso, (2)p.

= "J'ai écrit à Mr Chamberlain, qui certainement fera suivre l'expedition du livre de la part de son éditeurs. Je me permets de vous rappeler le peintre de la cour ducale à Coburg, monsieur Brückner. Je lui ai écrit, qui vous lui demanderiez ses esquisses pour "l'anneau du Nibelungen". Elles feront un pendant nécessaire aux esquisses de Parsifal (...)." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXVIII.

WITH a short anonymous later manuscript qualification of the character of Cosima Wagner: "(...) passe pour être la femme la plus désagréable et la plus acariâtre que l'on puisse rencontrer".

€ (200-300) 220
73 2226 Music  Wagner Siegfried 1869 1930 73 2226 Music Wagner Siegfried 1869 1930
73/2226 [Music]. Wagner, Siegfried (1869-1930). Two AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED and two AUTOGRAPH CARDS SIGNED "Siegfried Wagner", to "(Sehr) geehrter Herr Schmid" (2x)/ "Geehrter Herr"(1x) and "Sehr geehrte gnädige Frau [Göllevich]", dated "7. April 96"/ undated/ "9. May 96" and "7. April 1896", pen and ink, all on 1 leaf/ card, all recto and verso.

= Siegfried Wagner, composer and director, Richard Wagner's only son. The first letter to the music publisher Wilhelm Schmid covers the sending of another letter (the second letter of the lot): "Beiliegend sende ich Ihnen die liebliche Correspondenz die sich jetzt entwickelt hat. (...) Meine liebenswürdigkeit, frau Göllerich aufgefordert zu haben, wird hübsch gelohnt! - Das kommt davon, wenn man[sic] galant sein will! Auf eine derartige gemeinheit war ich allerdings nicht [...?]." From the transcript of the letter to "Frau Göllerich" we quote the following: "Sehr geehrte gnädige frau. Nimmermehr hätte ich in der Presse den fall Es-dur Concert besprochen, wenn nicht nicht die verblüffende Verdrehung im Generalanzeiger gestanden hätte (...) Einzig und allein in dieser Sache betrübt es mich, dass die herzliche freundschaft, die ich zum Ihren verehrten Gemahle liege(?), den ich stets als treuen ächten Menschen bewundert habe, durch Ihre Schuld ins [...?] geräthe (...)."; the two cards concern arrangements to be made for rehearsels and concert programs (one card is directed to Wilhelm Schmid, the other card is not specifically directed to Schmid, but probably was also written to him).

€ (300-500)
73 2227 Music  Walter Bruno 1876 1962 73 2227 Music Walter Bruno 1876 1962
73/2227 [Music]. Walter, Bruno (1876-1962). AUTOGRAPH NOTE SIGNED "Bruno Walter", to "Sehr geehrter Herr Alsbach", dated "Amsterdam 17.10.1936", pen and ink on stiff paper card, recto only.

= Thanking Alsbach for his congratulations (probably for his 60th birthday).

€ (70-90) 70
73 2228 Music  Wieniawski Henrik 1835 1880 73 2228 Music Wieniawski Henrik 1835 1880
73/2228 [Music]. Wieniawski, Henrik (1835-1880). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Hri. Wieniawski", to "Monsieur" [music publishers Schott], dated "Mayence le 12 Juillet 1865", pen and ink, 1 leaf, recto only, w. printed letterhead of an intertwined monogram "AI".

= Letter concerning the wish of Schott to have the publishing rights of Wieniawski's "Fantaisie pour le violon avec Orchestre ou Piano". Stating his financial wishes and expressing his willingness to enter into business relations with his correspondent's firm. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXIX.

€ (200-300) 1200
73 2229 Music  Wieniawski Jozéf 1837 1912 73 2229 Music Wieniawski Jozéf 1837 1912
73/2229 [Music]. Wieniawski, Jozéf (1837-1912). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "J. Wieniawski", to "Monsieur" [B. Schott], dated "Posen le 3 Juin 1854", pen and ink, 1 fold. leaf, recto and verso, (2)p., on yellowish paper with blindstamped monogram of the composer.

= Jozéf Wieniawski, Polish pianist and composer, brother of violinist Henryk Wieniawski, introducing himself to the publisher Schott in the hope that he is willing to publish his "Fantaisie brillante sur des motifs de la somnambule" and follows that request with the words: "et [elle] n'a pas le défaut d'être trop peu connue, vu, qu'il n'y a pas une seule ville dans nos voyages, ou je ne l'aie joué. J'ai absolument voulu qu'on la connaisse avant qu'elle soit imprimée (....)".

€ (100-150) 230
73 2230 Music  Zulehner Georg 1770 1841 73 2230 Music Zulehner Georg 1770 1841
73/2230 [Music]. Zulehner, Georg (1770-1841). Short AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Georg Zulehner", to "Herrn Bern: Schott in Mainz", pen and ink, dated "Eltvill [...] 10. Xber 1812", 1 leaf, recto only.

= Letter to Schott concerning payment of an invoice for the purchase of several pieces of music.

WITH: the manuscript INVOICE made out to "Georg Zulehner in Eltvill" (dated Eltvill [...] 10ten Xber 1812" (1 leaf, recto only. Listing pieces by Dael, Call, Koehler, Uber, and Righini).

€ (100-150) 100

= Most letters are addressed to Mr G. Alsbach. ANTOON AVERKAMP (one letter and one postcard), writes i.a. about his lack of time to finish his compositions and about his opera De Heidebloem. JAN PIETER HEIJE (13 letters), writes i.a. about the song "Morgenrood" and asks whether it is in demand; also asks Alsbach to buy several works in the sale of the library of (A.C.G.) Vermeulen; several letters concerning the songs, donations and celebrations on occasion of the 300 year anniversary of the liberation of Den Briel (mostly written on letterpaper of the Maatschappij tot bevordering der Toonkunst. Vereeniging voor Nederlandsche muziekgeschiedenis). RICHARD HOL (4 letters (incl. one by his wife) and 4 postcards), i.a. on his opera Floris V; JOHANNES VERHULST (2 letters), writes about the parts and the scores of Psalm 84, which he intended to send to Alsbach but has somehow mislaid, for which he painstakingly apologizes, only to write thriumphantly in the second letter that he has found them. BERNARD ZWEERS (2 letters and 1 postcard), writes i.a. about an article concerning the "Zomeruitvoeringen" on which his unidentified correspondent has asked his opinion ("M.i. moest er minder over de persoon S. gesproken worden en moest het zwaartepunt geheel gelegd worden op de zomeruitvoeringen. Ook ik zou het ten zéérste betreuren als die uitvoeringen wegens geldgebrek moesten gestaakt worden. (...)"). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXX.

€ (400-600) 425
73/2232 [Music]. Lot of 46 AUTOGRAPH LETTERS AND (POST)CARDS SIGNED, incl. a few empty envelopes, 19th-early 20th cent., by the following musicians/ composers/ music critics: JEAN DÉSIRÉ ARTÔT (Belgian hornplayer, letter to Schott); FRANZ F. BLATT (director of the school of music, clarinettist, letter to B. Schott's Söhne); R.J. BRAMBACH (musicologist, envelope only, addressed to B. Schott's Söhne); A. BRAND (two letters to B. Schott's Söhne); E. BÜCHNER (conductor, letter to W. Schmid); JOS. CALLAERTS (Belgian organist, 2 postcards to Alsbach & Co.); HUBERT CUYPERS (organist, biographical sketch); MANFRED DRÄXLER (author, letter to Schott); SAMUEL DUSHKIN (violinist, autograph sentiment monogrammed on visiting card); JOHAN FELTKAMP (flutist, composer, letter w. autobiographical sketch to Alsbach); THEOPHIL FORCHHAMMER (organist and composer, letter to Alsbach & Co.); GUSTAV GUNZ (singer, postcard, new year's wish to G. Alsbach and his wife); CHARLES HAAS (singing teacher and composer, letter to Schott's Söhne. Charles Haas was the model for Swann in Proust's A la recherche du temps perdu); CHRISTIAAN FREDERIK HENDRIKS (organist, letter to Mr Seijffardt and added anonymous manuscript obituary on Hendriks' decease); A. HENNES (author of the Klavier-Unterrichts Briefe, letter to G. Alsbach); EDUARD HERMANN (music editor, letter to Wilhelm Schmid); JULIUS HESS (letter to G. Alsbach & Co., with a covering letter signed "Schott & Co."); KAREL HOFFMANN (violinist and teacher, 3 letters to Alsbach & Doyer); PHILIP LOOTS (organist and composer, postcard to G.A. Alsbach & Co.); ABBÉ MAINZER (music teacher, letter to B. Schott); FRIEDRICH MÖHRING (composer, poet, organist and conductor, letter to Wilhelm Schmid); LUDWIG NOHL (musicologist, letter to Schott's Söhne); CHARLES OBERTHÜR (harp player and composer, 6 letters and 2 envelopes to G. Alsbach, added a visiting card of Louisa van Noorden); LINA RAMANN (pianist and author (i.a. on Liszt), letter to Wilhelm Schmid); J.K.F. RELLSTAB (music editor and publisher (i.a. of C.P.E. Bach and Mozart), letter to Schott's Söhne); CARL MARTIN RHEINTHALER (organist and composer, letter to unidentified addressee); ERNST SCHILLING (pianist and organist, letter to Alsbach & Doyer); DR. SCHMITZ (letter to G. Alsbach); C. VAN TAL (flutist and composer, letter to B. Schott und Söhne); ADOLPH TERSCHAK (flutist, letter to Wilhelm Schmid); W.F. THOOFT (composer and music editor, letter to C.G. Alsbach); ANTON. H. TIERIE (organist, letter to S. van Milligen); HENRI WEYTS (composer, postcard ordering sheetmusic from Alsbach).
€ (200-400) 750