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71 2157 Martinet J F 71 2157 Martinet J F
71/2157 Martinet, J.F. Verhandelingen en waarneemingen over de natuurlijke historie, meerendeels van ons vaderland. Amst., J. Allart, 1795, VI,451,(1)p., 9 (1x handcol.) engr. fold. plates, contemp. boards.

- Binding sl. worn; backstrip sunned.

= Contains i.a. "Waarneeming van drie soorten van witte Hemel-boogen", "Verbaazende uitwerksels van een Onweder, in 1768", "Een Orkaan van 1770, en de ongewoone Lucht-verschijnsels in 1771", "Beschrijving van een wanschapen Bot, van een Wind-ei, van een uitwas aan den tak van een Eikenboom, en van blaauwe Aarde", "Waarneeming omtrent het Goud van den Rhijn", "Verhandeling over 't Wier der Zuiderzee", "Waarneeming van eene Oog-ziekte, in eene familie op het eiland Wieringen".

€ (60-80) 60
71 2158 Mathematics  Adams G 71 2158 Mathematics Adams G
71/2158 [Mathematics]. Adams, G. Geometrical and graphical essays, containing, a description of the mathematical instruments used in geometry, civil and military surveying, levelling, and perspective (...). Ed. W. Jones. London, J. Dillon and Co. for W. and S. Jones, 1797, 2nd enl. and corr. ed., engr. frontisp., (4),VI,(6),518,(1)textp., and 14,(2) (publ. cat.)p., 34 fold. engr. plates, contemp. calf w. black mor. letterpiece.

- Partly sl. foxed; two plates lack sm. portion of one corner (1x affecting image); owner's entry on title-p. Binding worn/ rubbed; top of spine sl. dam./ chipped.

€ (120-150)
71 2159 Mathematics  Bartjens W 71 2159 Mathematics Bartjens W
71 2159 Mathematics  Bartjens W 71 2159 Mathematics Bartjens W
71/2159 [Mathematics]. Bartjens, W. De vernieuwde cyfferinge Waer uyt Men meest alle de Grond-Regulen van de Reeken-Konst leeren kan. Ed. Jan van Dam./ Tweede deel. Handelende van verscheyde Regulen der Reken-konst, Alle Koopluyden noodig te weten. Herstelt, vermeerdert en verbetert door Jan de Groot. Amst., Isaak vander Putte/ Heirs Wed. G. de Groot, n.d./ 1732, 2 parts in 1 vol., 184; 288p., woodcut title w. portrait, contemp. vellum.

- Sl. yellowed; lower part occas. waterstained.

= Buijnsters 420 (ed. 1765; lists Hendrik vander Putte as the publisher) and 464. First part apparently a rare edition, not found in the usual reference works.

€ (100-150) 230
71 2160 Mathematics  Bion N 71 2160 Mathematics Bion N
71 2160 Mathematics  Bion N 71 2160 Mathematics Bion N
71 2160 Mathematics  Bion N 71 2160 Mathematics Bion N
71/2160 [Mathematics]. Bion, N. Traité de la construction et des principaux usages des instrumens de mathematique. The Hague, P. Husson a.o., 1723, nouvelle edition, (8),389,(3)p., engr. frontisp. by D. COSTER, 30 fold. plates (1x full-p.), contemp. vellum w. blindst. mirror ornament and mor. letterpiece, sm. 4to.

- Spine dam. and w. 2 paper tickets. Otherwise a fine copy.

= Poggendorf I, p.194-195; DSB I, p.132-133: "Bion had the title of king's engineer for mathematical instruments and his name was often mentioned in his time (...) The Traité de la construction ... des instruments mathématiques gives a fairly complete list of instruments normally constructed during the first quarter of the eighteenth century." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCIV.

€ (400-600)
71 2161 Mathematics  Clairaut A C 71 2161 Mathematics Clairaut A C
71/2161 [Mathematics]. Clairaut, A.C. Élémens d'algebre. Paris, David l'aîné, 1749, XXIV,348,(1)p., 10 fold. engr. tables, contemp. wr.

- Uncut copy; library stamp on title-p.; partly w. waterstain in upper inner corner; bookplate on inside frontwr. Wrapper sl. worn.

= Poggendorff I, p.447f.

€ (40-60) 50
71 2162 Mathematics  Dalham F 71 2162 Mathematics Dalham F
71 2162 Mathematics  Dalham F 71 2162 Mathematics Dalham F
71/2162 [Mathematics]. Dalham, F. Institutiones physicae in usum nobilissimorum suorum auditorium adornatae, quibus ceu subsidium praemittuntur Institutiones Mathematicae. Vienna, J.T. Teattner, 1752-1755, 3 vols., (12),352; 492,(10); (4),296,(8)p., 53 fold. engr. plates, contemp. unif. red calf w. richly gilt floral borders around sides and richly gilt spine, a.e.g.

- Two plates sl. stained in lower margin; occas. sl. foxed; all vols. bookplate on verso first free endpaper and owner's entry on verso first blank. Bindings trifle rubbed along extremities; backcover of vol. 2 trifle chafed; two vols. top of spine chipped. Nevertheless a fine and attractively bound set.

= Poggendorff I, p.511. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCIV.

€ (300-500) 350
71 2163 Mathematics  Euler L 71 2163 Mathematics Euler L
71 2163 Mathematics  Euler L 71 2163 Mathematics Euler L
71/2163 [Mathematics]. Euler, L. Élémens d'Algèbre. Paris, Bachelier, 1807, new ed., 1 vol. (of 2), II,485p., num. calculation formulas, contemp. gilt vellum.

- Lacks vol. 1; 2 library stamps on title-p.; p.421-425 (partly) illegible due to mounted paper/ sm. hole. Vellum frontcover dam. along upper edge. Sold w.a.f.

= The French edition of Euler's influential Vollständige Anleitung zur Algebra (first German ed. publ. St. Petersburg, 1770). Poggendorff I, p.689-703.

€ (50-70) 50
71 2164 Mathematics  Gelder J de 71 2164 Mathematics Gelder J de
71 2164 Mathematics  Gelder J de 71 2164 Mathematics Gelder J de
71/2164 [Mathematics]. Gelder, J. de. Allereerste gronden der beschouwende en werkdadige meetkunst, opgesteld ten gebruike van de heeren officieren bij de korpsen infanterij, kavallerij en mariniers. The Hague/ Amst., Gebr. Van Cleef, 1827, 2nd ed., XIV,(4),292p., 8 engr. fold. plates, contemp. vellum w. gilt coat of arms of i.a. Amsterdam.

- Portion of free endpaper cut out; some lvs. (severely) browned; a few plates sl. frayed at outer margin. On the frontcover a misprint of two different coat of arms; lacks ties.

= Bierens de Haan 1568.

€ (60-80) 60
71 2165 Mathematics  L'Hospital G F A de 71 2165 Mathematics L'Hospital G F A de
71/2165 [Mathematics]. L'Hospital, G.F.A. de. Traité analytique des sections coniques et de leur usage pour la resolution des equations dans les problêmes tant déterminez qu'indéterminez. Paris, Montalant, 1720, 2nd ed., (8),459p., engr. headpiece, 33 fold. engr. plates, contemp. mottled calf, gilt spine w. mor. letterpiece, 4to.

- Joints split; dam. at top of spine; binding dam. due to acid-bite. = Poggendorff I, 1146.

€ (250-350)
71 2166 Mathematics  Wiedeburg B 71 2166 Mathematics Wiedeburg B
71/2166 [Mathematics]. Wiedeburg, B. Einleitung zu der höhern Mathesi darinn der Grund Zu der Buchstaben-Rechnung, Geometria Curuarum, Analysi endlicher und unendlicher Grössen (...). Jena, Widow J. Meyers, 1726, (24),820,(10)p., 81 fold. engr. plates, contemp. calf, sm. 8vo.

- Preliminary leaves and first 24 pages (water)stained; 3 plates dam.; title-p. dam. and w. 2 libr. stamps; all plates sl. creased in outer margin. Spine-ends trifle rubbed.

= Rare.

€ (120-150)
71/2167 McCabe, R.A. Aldo Leopold. The Professor. Madison, Rusty Rock Press, 1987, XII,172p., ills., orig. rexine w. dustwr., 4to.


Solander, D. Collected Correspondence 1753-1782. Ed. E. Duyker and P. Tingbrand. Melbourne, The Miegunyah Press, 1995, XVIII,(2),466,(1)p., 36 (col.) plates, 3 maps, orig. cl. w. dustwr. Duyker, E. Nature's Argonaut. Daniel Solander 1733-1782. Ibid., idem, 1999, XX,380,(1)p., num. col. plates and ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr. - AND 10 others on explorers and naturalists, all illustrated, all hardbound w. dustwr. (fine condition), i.a. R. JOHNSON, The Search for the Inland Sea. John Oxley, Explorer, 1783-1828 (ibid., 2001, plates, ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr.).

€ (70-90)
71 2168 Medicine  Agricola J 71 2168 Medicine Agricola J
71/2168 [Medicine]. Agricola, J. Deutlich- und wohlgegründeter Anmerckungen über die Chymische Artzneyen Johannis Poppii, (...) in sich begreiffend Vielerley ja etlich hundert herzliche Processe, heilsame Artzney-Mittel, geheime Handgriffe, sonderbare Experimenta, ungemein und seltene Curen, samt vielen merckwürdigen Medicinalischen Historien (...). Nürnberg, J. Ziegers, 1686, (8),1096,(24)p., engr. frontisp., portrait, modern leather w. use of contemp. calf covers, sm. 4to.

- Frontisp., title-p. and portrait doubled (w. stiff paper); (occas. heavily) foxed/ browned; partly waterst.; a few holes in first text lvs.

= Krivatsy 79; Wellcome II, p.18.

€ (150-250) 160
71 2169 Medicine  Battus C 71 2169 Medicine Battus C
71 2169 Medicine  Battus C 71 2169 Medicine Battus C
71/2169 [Medicine]. Battus, C. Handboeck der Chirurgijen: Waer in veel exquisite ende secrete remedijen tegens alle wtwendige Ghebreken so wel int generale als int particuliere verhaelt staen (...). Dordr., A. and I. Canin, 1595, 2nd ed., 408,(24)p., woodcut printer's mark, 9 woodcut ills. (incl. 6 full-p.), contemp. overlapping vellum, sm. 8vo.

- Scattered contemp. underlining and a few scattered 18th cent. owner's entries of "Jacobus Larycke wonende (...) tot Harelbeke"; blank margins of leaves at beginning and at the end frayed/ disintegrating due to mould; title-p. soiled and contents occas. stained and/ or fingersoiled; lacks free endpapers; hinges splitting. Lacks ties.

= Lindeboom p.83 (under Carel Baten), not listing this edition; Baumann p.15ff; BMN I, p.288; Hirsch-H. I, p.326f; Pettegree 3266. Rare work by the Belgian doctor Carel Baten (Ghent, 1540 - Amsterdam, 1617), who was the first to translate some of the major medical works into Dutch in order to improve accessability to medical knowledge for the layman. No copy traced in the JAP 1990-2018. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCV.

€ (700-900) 950
71 2170 Medicine  Beverwijck J van 71 2170 Medicine Beverwijck J van
71/2170 [Medicine]. Beverwijck, J. van. Schat der Gesontheydt./ Schat der Ongesondtheydt ofte Genees-Konste van de Sieckten. Utr., H. Specht, 1651/ Amst., n.publ., 1651, 8 parts in 1 vol., engr. title by C. VAN DAELE, 3 div. engr. titles, num. ills. (3x full-p.), contemp. blindst. vellum, 4to.

- Partly sl. stained/ fingersoiled/ foxed; full-p. ills. sl. chipped/ frayed in upper margin. Binding almost entirely loose from boards and backstrip

= Cf. Krivatsy 1188; Hirsch-H. I, p.441; BMN I, p.159; Lindeboom p.130; Wellcome II, p.159; Baumann p.71-79.

€ (150-250) 230
71 2171 Medicine  Bock C E 71 2171 Medicine Bock C E
71/2171 [Medicine]. Bock, C.E. Hand-Atlas der ontleedkunde van den mensch, benevens een tabelsgewijs handboek der ontleedkunde. Dutch transl. and ed. P.H. Pool. Amst., H. Frijlink, 1842, IV,143,XIX textp., 31 partially handcol. lithogr. plates each w. accomp. letterpress legend, contemp. giltlettered cl., 4to.

- A few plates loose.

= Bibl. Med. Neerl. I, p.86; cf. Wellcome II, p.185 (German ed.). Very rare anatomical atlas, first published Leipsic, 1841.

€ (70-90) 180
71 2172 Medicine  Celsus A C 71 2172 Medicine Celsus A C
71/2172 [Medicine]. Celsus, A.C. De re medica libri octo. Ed. J. Valart. Paris, P.F. Didot, 1772, XX,553,(3)p., contemp. calf.

- Sl. waterst. in upper margin throughout. Binding worn; backstrip partly lacking; covers loose(ning).

= Waller 1859.

€ (50-70)
71 2173 Medicine  Farvacques R de 71 2173 Medicine Farvacques R de
71/2173 [Medicine]. Farvacques, R. de. Medicina Pharmaceutica, of groote algemeene schatkamer der drogbereidende geneeskonst. Introd. H.D. Gaubius. Leyden, I. Severinus, 1741, 3 parts in 2 vols., (28),434; (2),340,(38); (14),176p., 5 engr. plates, contemp. unif. hmor., folio.

- Both vols. sl. foxed and a few lvs. sl. chipped in blank margin; vol. 2 quire C bound before B; vol. 2 one leaf w. tear. Bindings worn.

= BMN, p.374.

AS USUAL BOUND WITH: Breinius, J.P., Stephens, J. and Kirkpatrik, J. Natuur- en Geneeskundige verhandeling van de plant en wortel Ginsem, of Nisi, en de zeilonsche Chrysanthemum bidens, genaamt Acmella., n.publ., n.d., 186-222,(20)p., 2 engr. plates.

€ (200-300)
71 2174 Medicine  Hales S 71 2174 Medicine Hales S
71 2174 Medicine  Hales S 71 2174 Medicine Hales S
71/2174 [Medicine]. Hales, S. Haemastatique, ou la statique; expériences hydrauliques faites sur des animaux vivans. Avec un recueil de quelques expériences sur les pierres que l'on trouve dans les reins & dans la vessie; & des recherches sur la nature de ces concretions irrégulières. French transl. De Sauvages. Geneva, Cramer & frères Philibert, 1744, XXII,348p., fold. engr. plate, contemp. hroan, 4to.

- Paper over boards and foot of spine sl. dam.; corners bumped. Good, untrimmed copy with wide margins.

= Brunet III, p.19; Garrison/ Morton 765 (Engl. ed.); Singer, Hist. Biol. p.395; DSB VI, p.47; Hirsch-H. III, p.27; Roller-G. I, 503. First French edition of this famous work, in which the invention of the manometer and the celebrated investigations on blood pressure are recorded for the first time. Hales' work ranks among the most important contributions to our knowledge of the vascular system.

€ (200-300)
71 2175 Medicine  Helvetius J F 71 2175 Medicine Helvetius J F
71/2175 [Medicine]. Helvetius, J.F. Amphitheatrum physiognomiae medicum. Dat is: schouw-plaets der Medicinale Gesicht-Konst. The Hague, L. van Dyck, 1664, (46),311p., engr. fold. portr. of the author, modern hcl., sm. 8vo. - BOUND WITH: Idem. Xistus Herbarum, Dat is Lustige wandel-weg der Cruyden., n.publ., 1664, (10),54p. - AND WITH: Idem. Berillus Medicus: Dat is: Een Edele Gesteente van de Medicyne, Waer in te sien is, wat kruyden en gewassen yder maent in't jaer voortbrenght, ende wat by het insamelen van de selve is in acht te nemen. (The Hague), L. van Dyck, 1664, (10),32p.. - AND WITH: Idem. Mors morborum: Dat is: Der Kranckheden dood. Ibid., idem, 1664, (12),68p.

- Ad 1: Lacks blank in front; a few annots. Good copy.

= BMN I,73; Hirsch-H. III, 174; Ferguson I, 384. Lindeboom, pp.827-828. The author studied at Harderwijk, where he graduated with a thesis on "De Peste", and became court physician of the Prince of Orange. He is best known for his alchemical work Vitulus Aureus/ The Golden Calf. Rare.

€ (250-350) 250
71 2176 Medicine  Norman H F 71 2176 Medicine Norman H F
71/2176 [Medicine]. Norman, H.F. One Hundred Books Famous in Medicine. New York, The Grolier Club, 1995, 390,(4)p., 32 col. plates, 181 ills., printed in 1500 copies, orig. gilt cl., hcl. slipcase, 4to (fine).
€ (50-70) 60