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71 1803 China  Wright G N 71 1803 China Wright G N
71/1803 [China]. Wright, G.N. The Chinese Empire: historical and descriptive, illustrating the manners and customs of the Chinese. London/ New York, London Printing and Publishing Comp. Ltd., n.d. (±1860), 2 vols., (6),XL,106; (2),XXXII,116p., 2 diff. steelengr. frontisp., 2 diff. titles, 2 maps w. handcol. borders, 142 plates after TH. ALLOM, contemp. unif. gilt hmor., 4to.

- Plates reattached and partly loosening at inner margin; 1 map lacks left half and part of lower margin, doubled w. thin chinese; offsetting from plates on the opposite pages. Covers and backstrips sl. chafed, corners bumped and sl. showing.

€ (150-250) 150
71 1804 Classical antiquity  Mirys S D 71 1804 Classical antiquity Mirys S D
71/1804 [Classical antiquity]. Mirys, S.D. Figures de l'histoire de la République Romaine, accompagnées d'un précis historique. Première partie [all published]. Paris, "chez le citoyen Mirys", 1800, 11 textp., 181 engr. plates w. engr. caption, contemp. gilt hcalf w. red mor. letterpiece, 4to.

- Most plates fingersoiled in margins; occas. frayed/ sl. chipped in margins; a few plates strengthened on verso in lower margin; owner's entry on title-p. Backcover loose; binding worn/ dam.

€ (60-80) 60
71 1805 Classical antiquity  Rollin M and Crevier M 71 1805 Classical antiquity Rollin M and Crevier M
71/1805 [Classical antiquity]. Rollin, M. and Crevier, M. Histoire Romaine depuis la fondation de Rome jusqu'a la bataille d'Actium. Rev. ed. M. Crevier. Paris, Estienne & Fils/ J. Desaint, 1741-1764, rev. and enl. ed., 16 vols., 1 engr. full-p. portrait, 12 fold. maps (4x handcol.), 2 fold. plans, contemp. unif. calf.

- All bindings (sl.) worn, otherwise a fine set.

€ (100-150) 100
71 1806 Classical antiquity  Smith W  ed  71 1806 Classical antiquity Smith W ed
71/1806 [Classical antiquity]. Smith, W. (ed.). Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology. London, Walton and Maberly, 1861, 3 vols., XII,1093,(1); VIII,1219,(1); VIII,1406p., num. numismatical ills., contemp. unif. gilt calf w. 2 contrasting mor. letterpieces.

- All vols. backstrip professionally restored w. use of orig. backstrip. Fine set.

€ (100-150) 110
71/1807 [Cook, J.]. Beaglehole, J.C. (ed.). The journals of Captain James Cook on his voyages of discovery. Woodbridge, Boydell Press, 1999, 5 vols., 4 text vols.: 3 frontisp., (fold.) maps, plates, ills., orig. unif. gilt cl., 8vo (4x); altlas vol.: 58 (fold.) charts/ views, loose in orig. unif. gilt portfolio w. ties, folio. = Including the portfolio with the Charts and Views, drawn by Cook and his officers. Facs. reprint of the ed. n.pl., 1955. Hakluyt Society Extra Series No. XXXIV-XXXVI.
€ (200-300) 275
71 1808 Cuba  Humboldt A von 71 1808 Cuba Humboldt A von
71/1808 [Cuba]. Humboldt, A. von. Essai politique sur l'île de Cuba. Avec une carte et un supplément qui renferme des considérations sur la population, la richesse territoriale et le commerce de l'archipel des Antilles et de Colombia. Paris, Gide, Fils, 1826, 1st ed., 2 vols., XLVI,(2 blank),364; 408p., large fold. engr. map, contemp. unif. hcalf.

- Some foxing; both vols. libr. stamp and ticket on title-p.; map w. tear in blank margin, just touching the image. Vol.1 upper joint broken; both vols. w. paper ticket at foot of spine and bindings trifle rubbed.

= Sabin 33719; Henze II, p.662: "Das Werk leitet die moderne Landeskunde ein. Es bindet in vorher nicht praktizierter Weise alle Zustände an die physisch-geographische Grundlage".

€ (500-700) 650
71 1809 Dampier W and Wafers L 71 1809 Dampier W and Wafers L
71/1809 Dampier, W. and Wafers, L. Nouveau voyage autour du monde. Où l'on décrit en particulier l'Isthme de l'Amerique, plusiers Côtes & Isles des Indes Occidentales, les Isles du Cap Verd, le passage par la Terra del Fuego, les Côtes Meridionales du Chili, du Perou, & du Mexique; l'Isle de Guam, Mindanao, & des autres Philippines; les Isles Orientales qui sont près de Cambodie, de la Chine, Formosa, Luçon, Celebes, &c. la Nouvelle Hollande, les Isles de Sumatra, de Nicobar, de Sainte Helene, & le Cap de Bonne-Esperance./ Suite du Voyage (...)/ Supplement du Voyage (...)/ Voyage aux Terres des Australes, A la Nouvelle Hollande (...). Rouen, J.B. Machuel le Jeune, 1715, 4 vols., 3 diff. engr. frontisp., 43 plates/ maps, contemp. unif. calf w. gilt spine and 2 mor. letterpieces.

- Occas. sl. waterstained in upper blank margin. All vols. spine-ends chipped; binding worn. Contents very fine.

= This Rouen edition not recorded in the usual reference works (2 other eds.: Rouen, E. Herault, 1715 (5 vols.) and Rouen, J.B. Machuel, 1723 (5 vols.)). Our edition in 4 vols. (cf. earlier editions) appears to be complete. Cf. Sabin 18383; Borba de Moraes p.242; Henze II, p.10; Howgego D7 and Hill 417 (listing the ed. London 1697). "In the account of his first voyage to New Holland, Dampier drew a graphic and most repulsive image of the aborigine: The Inhabitants of this Country are the miserablest People in the world. The Hodmadods of Monomatapa, though a nasty People, yet for Wealth are Gentlemen to these; who have no Houses and skin Garments. Sheep, Poultry and Fruits of the Earth, Ostrich Eggs, etc. as the Hodmadods have: and setting aside their Humane Shape, they differ but little from Brutes." (Smith, p.169). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXIX.

€ (700-900)
71 1810 Denmark  Malatier L and Sallès A 71 1810 Denmark Malatier L and Sallès A
71 1810 Denmark  Malatier L and Sallès A 71 1810 Denmark Malatier L and Sallès A
71/1810 [Denmark]. Malatier, L. and Sallès, A. Au Pays d'Hamlet. Instantanés Scandinaves. Villefranche, Fontaine, Auray et Guillemin, 1894, XII,174,(2),11p., (tinted) photogr. text ills., printed in 600 numb. copies signed by both authors, contemp. gilt dec. hmor., orig. col. lithogr. frontwr. pres., t.e.g., folio.

- Covers w. a few unobtrusive scratches and stains. = Fine copy in a nice binding.

€ (50-70)
71/1811 Dunmore, J. French Explorers in the Pacific. Oxf., Clarendon Press, 1965-1969, 2 vols., VI,(2),356; (8),428p., ills., orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr. Duyker, E. Dumont d'Urville. Explorer & Polymath. Dunedin, Otago, 2014, 671p., ills., orig. boards w. dustwr. Idem. Citizen Labillardière. A Naturalist's Life in Revolution and Exploration (1755-1834). Carlton, The Miegunyah Press, 2003, XX,383,(2)p., ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr. - AND 4 others on French explorers, all illustrated, all hardbound (2x w. dustwr.) (fine condition), i.a. J. DUNMORE, Where Fate Beckons. The Life of Jean-Françoise de la Pérouse (Sydney, 2006).
€ (70-90) 70
71 1812 Dupree L 71 1812 Dupree L
71/1812 Dupree, L. Afghanistan. Princeton, Princeton Univ. Press, 1973, 1st ed., XXIV,760p., ills., maps, orig. cl. w. (trifle rubbed) dustwr. (fine). Wilson, J. Lawrence of Arabia. The authorised biography of T.E. Lawrence. London, Heinemann, 1989, 1st ed., XI,(1),1188p., plates, orig. boards w. dustwr. (backstrip of dustwr. sunned). - AND 6 others similar, i.a. 3 works by and 1 on W. THESIGER, all first editions, ills., hardcover w. dustwr.: The Marsh Arabs (1976), Visions of a Nomad (1987), The Life of my Choice (1987) and M. ASHER, Thesiger, a Biography (1994).
€ (50-70)
71 1813 Dutens L 71 1813 Dutens L
71/1813 Dutens, L. Itinéraire des routes les plus fréquentées, ou journal de plusieurs voyages aux villes principales de l'Europe, Depuis 1768 jusqu'en 1783. London, T. Spilbury for W. Faden and P. Elmsly, 1786, 5th ed., (2),XLIII,(5),268p., large fold. engr. map of Europe w. handcol. borders, 1 sm. map of "Le Lac Trasimene et ses Environs", 1 fold. table, contemp. marbled calf w. gilt spine and green mor. letterpiece.

- Occas. sl. foxed. Frontcover loosening. = Cf. Cioranescu 27185. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXIX.

€ (100-150) 100
71 1814 Egypt  Ebers G 71 1814 Egypt Ebers G
71/1814 [Egypt]. Ebers, G. Egypt: Descriptive, Historical, and Picturesque. Translated from the Original German by Clara Bell. London/ Paris/ New York, Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co., n.d. (±1882), 2 vols., XXIV,314; XXII,388p., num. woodengr. plates and ills., orig. unif. gilt dec. cl., folio.

- Bindings sl. darkened/ soiled and scratched. Both vols. rebacked w. use of orig. backstrip.

€ (50-70) 80
71 1815 Egypt  Habib Ayrout H 71 1815 Egypt Habib Ayrout H
71/1815 [Egypt]. Habib-Ayrout, H. Fellahs. Pref. F. Abaza Pacha Cairo, Horus, 1942, 1st ed., IX,(3),177,(3)p., 4 photogr. plates, orig. cl.

= The continuation of Aurout's Moeurs et coutumes des Fellahs (publ. Paris, 1938). With SIGNED DEDICATION by C.H. AYROUT (Egyptian architect, brother of the author) on htitle. Rare, no copy traced.

Tugay, E.F. Three Centuries. Family Chronicles of Turkey and Egypt. London, Oxf. Univ. Press, 1963, 1st ed., X,(2),324p., plates, 8 (fold.) tables, 13 plates, orig. gilt cl. - AND 4 others similar in 5 vols. (incl. 1 on Somalia), i.a. ROYAUME D'EGYPTE CABINET DU GRAND CHAMBELLAN. PROTOCOLE (Caïro, 1947, num. (tipped-in/ fold.) col. plates, orig. gilt cl. Corners and spine-ends worn, contents fine).

€ (50-70)
71 1816 Egypt  Hautecoeur L and Wiet G 71 1816 Egypt Hautecoeur L and Wiet G
71 1816 Egypt  Hautecoeur L and Wiet G 71 1816 Egypt Hautecoeur L and Wiet G
71/1816 [Egypt]. Hautecoeur, L. and Wiet, G. Les Mosquées du Caire. Paris, E. Leroux, 1932, 2 vols., text vol.: (4),376,(2)p.,13 ills.; plate vol.: 11 plans, 247 photographic plates, contemp. unif. hmor., folio.

= An important study of the religious building of Caïro.

€ (400-600)
71 1817 Egypt  Wilkinson J G 71 1817 Egypt Wilkinson J G
71/1817 [Egypt]. Wilkinson, J.G. The Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, including Their Private Life (...), Derived from a Comparison of the Paintings, Sculptures, and Monuments Still Existing (...). London, J. Murray, 1837, 1st ed., 3 vols., XXXII,(2),406; XXXIV,446; XXIV,404p., 4 plans, 13 (fold.) (tinted/ handcol.) lithogr. plates, num. ills., contemp. unif. diced calf.

- Bookplate "Nederlandsch Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten te Leiden" on pastedown of all 3 vols.; a few lvs. sl. stained; vol. 1 hinges weak; vol. 3 first free endpaper loose; internally fine. All bindings dam., backstrips dam., loose(ning) and portions lacking; frontcover vols. 2 and 3 loose(ning).

= First series. A second series was published in 1841. Gay 2281; Blackmer 1803: "Wilkinson, inspired by Gell, went to Egypt in 1821 where he spent twelve years of continuous hard work. He later returned to Egypt three times, in 1842, 1848-9, and 1855. [...] He was able to arrive at results similar to those of Champollion, but he was not as interested in hieroglyphs as he was in the tomb paintings which he studied intensively to discover what he could of everyday life in ancient Egypt. A fascinating work."

€ (50-70) 50
71 1818 Ethiopia  Alvares F 71 1818 Ethiopia Alvares F
71 1818 Ethiopia  Alvares F 71 1818 Ethiopia Alvares F
71/1818 [Ethiopia]. Alvares, F. Verdadeira informação das terras do Preste João das Indias. Lisbon, Imprensa Nacional, 1889, (2),207,(12)p., 9 facs. plates, contemp. mor., large 4to.

- Trifle foxed. Binding sl. worn at extremities; backstrip rubbed.

Idem. The Prester John of the Indies. A true relation of the lands of the Prester John. Being the narrative of the Portuguese Embassy to Ethiopia in 1520. Transl. Lord Stanley of Alderley, ed. C.F. Beckingham and G.W.B. Huntingford. Cambridge, University Press, 1961, 2 vols., XVI,321; VI,323-617p., 2 diff. facs. frontisp., fold. facs. map loosely inserted in rear pocket, 14 plates, num. (full-p.) maps/ ills., contemp. unif. gilt cl.

= Published for the Hakluyt Society, series II vol. CXIV and CXV.

€ (40-60) 120
71/1819 [Ethiopia]. Pais, P. História da Etiópia. Introd. E. Sanceau. Porto, Livraria Civilizaçao, 1945-1946, 1st ed., 3 vols., XXXVI,291,(1); 419,(1); 302p., sl. later unif. gilt private green hcalf (fine). Guidi, I. Vocabolario Amarico-Italiano./ Supplemento al Vocabolario Amarico-Italiano. Rome, Istituto per l'Oriente, 1953/ 1940, 2 vols., XV,(1),919; VII,(1),267p. (numb. in columns), orig.(?) (not entirely unif.) giltlettered red cl./ rexine, orig. wr. of first vol. pres., large 8vo. - AND 2 others, i.a. ETHIOPIAN DICTIONARY TIGRIGNA-AMHARIC (publ. address and date unread (±1970), frontisp. portrait of Haile Selassi, orig. cl. w. red mor. letterpiece) and J. LEROY, Le Pittura Etiopica durante il medioevo e sotto la dinastia di Gondar (Milan, 1964, num. tipped-in (col.) plates, orig. boards w. col. plate laid down on frontcover, slipcase, large 4to).
€ (70-90) 70
71/1820 [France]. Abrantès, (Laure Junot). Mémoires de Madame la duchesse D'Abrantes. Souvenirs historiques sur Napoléon, la Révolution, le Directoire, le Consulat, l Empire et la Restauration. Paris, Garnier frères, (1893), 10 vols., contemp. unif. hleather.

- Occas. sl. foxed; otherwise a fine set.

€ (100-150)
71 1821 France  Bertall = C A d'Arnould 71 1821 France Bertall = C A d'Arnould
71 1821 France  Bertall = C A d'Arnould 71 1821 France Bertall = C A d'Arnould
71/1821 [France]. Bertall (= C.A. d'Arnould). The Communists of Paris 1871. Types - Physiognomies - Characters. With Explanatory Text descriptive of each Design written expressly for this Edition by an Englishman, Eye-witness of the Scenes and Events of that Year. Paris etc., Buckingham and C°, n.d. (1873), no pagination, 40 handcol. lithogr. plates, orig. gilt and blindst. cl., a.e.g., sm. folio.

- Title-page crudely restored w. tape and partly reattached to first free endpaper; first textleaf loose; later endpapers; plates sl. yellowed; trifle foxed. Rebacked; sl. soiled; corners showing.

= Cf. Monod 1469 (French ed.); Lipperheide Xe17; Colas 312; Hiler p. 83.

ADDED: Hamburgische Costüme, n.pl. (Hamburg), n. publ., n.d. (±1845), no pagination, 9 (of 49?) handcol. lithogr. plates, orig. gilt and blindstamped cl., sm. folio.

- Probably lacks title-p. and ± 40 plates; bookblock loosening; endpapers sl. soiled.

€ (50-70) 50
71 1822 France  Chateaubriand F R 71 1822 France Chateaubriand F R
71 1822 France  Chateaubriand F R 71 1822 France Chateaubriand F R
71/1822 [France]. Chateaubriand, F.R. Mémoires, lettres et pièces authentiques touchant la vie et la mort de S.A.R. Monseigneur Charles-Ferdinand d'Artois, fils de France, Duc de Berry. Bruxelles, A. Lacrosse and Lecharlier, 1820, 3rd ed., IV,124p., contemp. gilt hcalf w. mor. letterpiece. - BOUND WITH: Cause Célèbre. Procès des prévenus de l'assassinat de M. Fualdès, ex-magistrat a Rhodez. Paris, Pillet, 1817, 224p.

- Both works sl. yellowed/ browned/ soiled; upper hinge splitting; some scattered stamps; both vols. w. contemp. owner's entry on title-p. Binding sl. worn along extremities.

= Ad 2. The report of the celebrated affaire Fualdès.

€ (150-250)