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71 1403 Tomlinson H M 71 1403 Tomlinson H M
71/1403 Tomlinson, H.M. Lot of 3 AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED, 1 AUTOGRAPH ESSAY SIGNED and a TYPESCRIPT ESSAY WITH AUTOGRAPH CORRECTIONS, pen and ink (4x)/ typescript, dated between "4 Dec. 1928" [stamped filing date of receipt] and "18.11.41"

= Comprises the following: 1. Autograph letter signed to Mrss Constable & Co. covering the sending of Tomlinson's introduction to Pierre, or the Ambiguities ((1)leaf, recto only); 2. Typescript of the introduction to Pierre, or The Ambiguities for the edition publ. by Dutton, NY in 1929 ((8) leaves, recto only); 3. Autograph letter signed to C.A. Williamson, one leaf, recto only, w. printed letterhead "Rigewood, Croham Manor Road, South Croydon", w. orig. envelope, commenting i.a. "It looks to me as if it is not worth while to educate children whose parents frustrate your efforts"; 4. Autograph letter signed to "Major Dawson", dated "18.11.41", 1 leaf, recto and verso. Affectionate response to Dawson's apprection of a radio broadcast by Tomlinson on Joseph Conrad, expressing his gladness at finding that "not only sanity subsists, but understanding, & good will (...) in a world curiously alien" [the war years]; 5. Autograph essay signed, titled "Years o.t.[?] Modern", 19 leaves, pen and ink, recto only. Interesting essay on the merits of newspaper journalism and Tomlinson's experiences and disappointments as a beginning journalist on Fleet Street; he philosophizes about the threat of an (Orwellian) future dominated by the forceful enjoyment of a world in which beauty is not allowed to exist and which is governed by absolutist powers. "After that day, any man found with so much as a record of classical music, a forbidden book of verse, or a picture that is not a certified oleograph, some chance piece of subversive & inimicable stuff which has escaped the Day of Burning will himself be deemed to be an enemy of the State; and, at[sic] it would be dangerous to allow such a man to breed his kind, he will be handed over to officials whose duty it is to purge society of a possibility of infection." He concludes that Fleet Street journalism is "an invisible power, which broke men, though it could keep wheels brightly turning". Possibly an unpublished essay.

€ (300-500)
71/1404 Les trois roses. Revue d'art. No.1-12. Paris, Grande nature, 1985, 10 parts, ills., printed in 500 numb. copies, loosely inserted in cl. chemise, slipcase.

= French literary illustrated periodical. Facsimile reprint of the complete edition Grenoble/ Paris, 1918-1919: 12 parts in 7 vols. (as published), a small porftolio with loose facsimile letters and E.A. HUBERT, Justin-Frantz Simon et les trois roses. Contributions by i.a. Guillaume Apollinaire, Aragon, A. Breton, Max Jacob, J.-A. Nau, Soupault, P. Valery and P. Reverdy.

€ (30-50)
71/1405 Urania Taschenbuch auf das Jahr 1820 71/1405 Urania Taschenbuch auf das Jahr 1820
71/1405 Urania. Taschenbuch auf das Jahr 1820. Leipsic, F.A. Brockhaus, 1820, LV,(1),504p., engr. portrait of E. SCHULZE by COUPÉ, 6 plates to Hamlet after i.a. OPIZ VON BEIN and a tinted double-p. plate of classic Greek vase decoration, contemp. red boards in matching (sl. rubbed) slipcase, a.e.g., sm. 8vo.

- Fine copy. = Contains i.a. the first publication of E.T.A. HOFFMANN, Spieler-Glück.

AND 2 others in 3 vols., i.a. F. BRUN, Gedichte (Vienna, 1816, 2 vols., engr. frontisp., orig. unif. publ. boards, 16mo. Fine).

€ (60-80)
71 1406 d'Ussieux M 71 1406 d'Ussieux M
71/1406 d'Ussieux, M. Le Décaméron françois. Paris, J.P. Costard/ Dufour, 1772-1774, 11 parts in 2 vols., engr. title, engr. title-vign., 11 woodengr. plates, engr. head- and tailpieces, contemp. unif. treecalf.

- Vol. 1 partly sl. stained in blank outer margin. Vol. 1 binding sl. discoloured; both vols. corners bumped and sl. showing.

= Vol. 1: "Henriette et Luci, ou Les Amies Rivales" (Paris, J.P. Costard, 1772, p.1-46), "Nouvelles Françaises" (Amst./ Paris, Brunet, 1775, p.1-70), "Jeanne Gray, anecdote Anglois" (Paris, J.P. Costard, 1772, p.47-102), "Berthold, Prince de Moravie, anecdote historique" (Paris, J.P. Costard, 1773, p.103-168), "Clemence d'Engragues, ou le siége d'Aubidny, anecdote Française" (Paris, Delalain, 1773, p.169-244), "Élizene, anecdote Ottomane" (Paris, J.P. Costard, 1773, p.245-322). Vol 2: "Les princes d'Arménie, nouvelle" (Paris, Dufour, 1774, p.1-66), "Jean sans peur, Duc de Bourgogne. Nouvelle Française (Paris, Merlin, 1774, p.67-130), "Raymond et Mariane. Nouvelle Portugaise"(Paris, Merlin, 1774, p.131-187), "Roger et Victor de Sabran. Nouvelle Française" (Paris, P.P. Brunet, 1774, p.193-224) and "Thelaire nouvelle Mexiquaine" (Paris, Brunet, 1775, p.245-312). Cioranescu 62621.

€ (70-90)
71/1407 Valéry, P. The Collected Works. Vol. 1-12, 14-15. Ed. J. Mathews. Princeton/ New York, Bollingen Foundation, 1956-1975, 14 (of 15) vols., orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr.

- Lacks vol. 13. Otherwise fine. = Bollingen Series XLV.

€ (80-100)
71 1408 Valéry P 71 1408 Valéry P
71/1408 Valéry, P. Oeuvres. Paris, Éditions du Sagittaire/ Éditions de la N.R.F., 1931-1952, 12 vols., printed in 1455 numb. copies (230), contemp. unif. giltlettered calf, orig. wr. pres., t.e.g., large 8vo.

- Bindings sl. rubbed along extremities. Fine set.

= One of 230 Roman numbered copies printed for "le service de presse et les collaborateurs (...) sur ces différents papiers" ("Exemplaire Rives").

€ (300-500)
71/1409 Walpole, H. The Wooden Horse. London, Smith, Elder & Co., 1909, 1st ed., (6),341,(3 advert.)p., orig. cl.

- Sm. clipping and traces of former bookplate on upper pastedown.

= The author's first novel. With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION on first free endpaper, dated "January 17. '21".

AND 3 others by the same, all lim. numb. and signed 1st editions: The Cathedral (1922, orig. hcl. w. dustwr. Traces of former bookplate on upper pastedown; dustwr. sl. chipped); Reading (1926, orig. buckram w. (foxed) dustwr.) and The Inquisitor (1935, orig. hcl.).

€ (100-150)
71/1410 Walser, R. Aus dem Bleistiftgebiet. Frankf. a.M., Suhrkamp, 1985-2000, 2nd ed. (vol.1 and 2)/ 1st ed., 6 vols., plates, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr. (very fine).
€ (70-90) 70
71 1411 Wells H G 71 1411 Wells H G
71/1411 Wells, H.G. The Passionate Friends. London, MacMillan and Co., 1913, 1st ed., (8),356,4,7(advert.)p., orig. giltlettered and blindst. cl., t.e.g.

= The first edition, with an AUTOGRAPH DEDICATION MONOGRAMMED "H.G." to E.A. BENNETT: "E.A.B. who misses three things in it [monogram]." G.H. Wells, Bibliography 49.

€ (250-350) 350
71/1412 Williams, W. Carlos The Collected Earlier Poems./ The Collected Later Poems. New York, New Directions, 1966-1967, 8th printing, 2 vols., (8),482; (10),276p., orig. unif. cl. dustwr.

- First vol. edges of bookblock foxed and price-clipped and backstrip faded.

Thoreau, H.D. The Illustrated A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers. Ed. C.F. Hovde. Princeton, Princeton Univ. Press, 1983, XXXVI,415,(1)p., photogr. plates, orig. cl. w. dustwr. Sewall, R.B. The Life of Emily Dickinson. London, Faber and Faber, 1976, 2 vols., XII,(1),319,(1); VIII,(2),321-821p., plates, orig. unif. giltlettered cl. w. dustwr. Habegger, A. My Wars Are Laid Away in Books. The Life of Emily Dickinson. New York, Random House, 2001, XVII,(1),764,(2)p., plates, orig. boards w. dustwr. - AND 11 others on/ by American poets, i.a. S. PLATH, The Collected Poems. Ed. T. Hughes (New York etc., 1981, 1st ed., orig. cl. w. dustwr.); M. MOORE, The Complete Poems/ The Complete Prose (New York, 1986/ London, 1968, orig. boards w. dustwr./ orig. cl. w. dustwr.) and W. STEVENS, Collected Poems (London, 1971, 4th impression, orig. boards w. dustwr.).

€ (70-90) 70
71/1413 Yeats, W.B. Autobiographies./ A Vision./ Mythologies./ Essays and Introductions./ Explorations. London, Macmillan, 1962-1970, 5 vols., 4 different frontisp. portraits of the author, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr. (1x without dustwr.).

- Frontwr. of first and final vol. trifle rubbed in lower margin. Fine set.

AND 8 others, i.a. NEW YEATS PAPERS. Vol. 1, 5 and 7 (Dublin, 1971-1973, 3 vols., plates, orig. wr., large 8vo. First 2 vols. lower corner of dustwr. sl. bumped).

€ (70-90)
71/1414 Yourcenar, M. TYPESCRIPT LETTER SIGNED "Marguerite Yourcenar" (in black felt-tip pen) to "Dr. Polak/ Athenaeum Polak and van Gennep" ("Cher Monsieur"), dated "27 juin 1969", 2 lvs., recto only, first leaf w. typescript letterhead "Petite Plaisance (...) Maine (...) USA".

= With a few sm. autograph corrections. Requesting for additions in the publishing contract for the Dutch translation of Sous Bénéfice d'Inventaire, conform the contract for L'Oeuvre au Noir.

AND a SIGNED New Year's wishing card by JULIO CORTAZAR, in orig. envelope. - AND 1 other.

€ (60-80) 120
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