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70 1267 Balzac H de 70 1267 Balzac H de
70 1267 Balzac H de 70 1267 Balzac H de
70/1267 Balzac, H. de. Eugénie Grandet. Paris, Librairie des Amateurs A. and F. Ferroud, 1911, (6),III,(3),364,(7)p., 26 (tinted) woodengr. plates/ ills. by A. LEROUX touched w. red, printed in 1200 numb. copies (20), bound/ gilt by HENNING JENSEN/ HAGEL OLSEN in contemp. gilt full crushed turquoise morocco, marbled doublures, gilt doublure-edges, signed in gilt lettering on lower turn-in, green buckram drop-back box, orig. wr. pres., 4to.

- Fine copy.

= One of 20 copies on Chinese monogrammed by F. Ferroud, containing 2 extra states of the illustrations and an ORIGINAL SIGNED DRAWING (pen and ink, charcoal, red crayon and heightened w. white).

€ (200-300) 250
70/1268 De Bange Duivel  Een hol kinderhoofd in de leegte Voor de wetenschappelijke waarde van het poezie album 70/1268 De Bange Duivel Een hol kinderhoofd in de leegte Voor de wetenschappelijke waarde van het poezie album
70/1268 [De Bange Duivel]. Een hol kinderhoofd in de leegte. Voor de wetenschappelijke waarde van het poezie album. Leyden, (De Bange Duivel), 1973, title-leaf and 21 text leaves, 21 (col.) etchings by POL JONG (6x), DAVID LUYTEN, LYDIA LUYTEN (6x), MILO LUYTEN, AB STEENVOORDEN and MARIUS VROEGINDEWEY (6x), each numb. "170/250" and signed and titled in pencil, 10 photogr. plates by POL JONG and FRANS MONTENS (i.a. portrait of B. Büch), printed in 250 numb. copies, together loose as issued in orig. wooden box (44x44,5x4 cm.), covered w. cl. w. embroidered title on cover.

- A few photogr. plates w. (vague) foxed spots in (mainly blank) margin; otherwise a few scattered, marginal foxed specks. Portfolio trifle yellowed.

€ (50-70)
70 1269 Banville Th de 70 1269 Banville Th de
70/1269 Banville, Th. de. Gringoire. Paris, A. and F. Ferroud, 1919, (4),120,(1)p., handcol. engr./ etched plates and ills. by L. LEBÈGUE, printed in 1025 numb. copies (800), contemp. hmor. w. (repeated) green onlay floral decoration in five richly gilt compartments, orig. wr. pres., t.e.g.

- Sm. mounted newspaper clipping on verso first free endpaper (with offsetting on first blank); bookplate on upper pastedown. Very fine copy.

= Monod 931; Carteret IV, p.56.

€ (150-250)
70 1270 Barbier G  Laclos C de 70 1270 Barbier G Laclos C de
70/1270 [Barbier, G.]. Laclos, C. de. Les Liaisons dangereuses. Paris, Le Vasseur et Cie, 1934, 2 vols., (4),VII,(1),218,(1); (4),217,(3)p., 20 full-p. pochoir col. plates, 4 pochoir col. vignettes., intitials and orig. pochoir col. frontwr. by G. BARBIER, printed in 720 numb. copies (650), orig. unif. wr., 4to.

- Partly foxed, especially first and last lvs. Spines browned/ waterst. and sl. dam.

= Monod 2771; Carteret IV, 104. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XXXVII.

€ (1.000-1.500)
70/1271 Baudelaire, C. Les fleurs du mal. Stockholm, Continental Book Company, 1946, 300,(1)p., col. plates and ills. by HALLMAN, contemp. brown mor., orig. wr. pres, cl. slipcase, folio. Bertrand, L. Gaspard de la nuit. Utr., Stichting De Roos, 1956, 2 vols., 85,(4); 63,(4)p., 51 full-p. lithogr. ills. by M.T. KOORNSTRA, typogr. M. Kempers, printed in 175 numb. copies signed by the illustrator, orig. unif. cl. in orig. dec. board slipcase, 4to. Hennique, L. La mort du Duc d'Enghien. Paris, Tresse & Stock, 1885, (10),98p., etched ills. by H. DUPRAY, printed in 150 numb. copies (130), contemp. giltlettered hmor. by "J.M."(?), orig. wr. pres.


AND 4 others, i.a. G. CLEMENCEAU, Le Voile du Bonheur (Paris, 1919, ills., printed in 1800 copies, contemp. hmor., orig. wr. pres., large 4to) and E. and J. DE GONCOURT, Germinie Lacerteux (Paris, 1886, 10 etched plates after JEANNIOT, contemp. giltlettered hmor.).

€ (70-90)
70 1272 Bauer M A J 70 1272 Bauer M A J
70/1272 Bauer, M.A.J. Fragments des mille nuits et une nuit. N.pl., "Edition privée", (1927), 214p., ills. by M.A.J. BAUER, orig. gilt cl., t.e.g., folio.

= With the (often lacking) colophon, in which the publisher explains the printing history of this work, specifies this copy as one of 200 numb. copies, and presents it to [manuscript:] "Monsieur Goudstikker". Publ. by W. Scherjon, Utrecht, 1927. Lay-out and lettering by Henri van de Velde.

€ (80-100) 160
70/1273 Bauer, M.A.J. Fragments des mille nuits et une nuit. N.pl., "Edition privée", (1927), 214p., ills. by M.A.J. BAUER, orig. gilt cl., t.e.g., private artif. leather slipcase, folio.

- Without the colophon as almost always. Foot of spine and giltlettering on spine rubbed; covers a few unobtrusive stains.

= Publ. by W. Scherjon, Utrecht, 1927. Lay-out and lettering by Henri van de Velde.

€ (60-80) 60
70 1274 Bauer M A J 70 1274 Bauer M A J
70/1274 Bauer, M.A.J. Histoire d'Aboulhassan Ali Ebn Becar et de Schemselnihar, favorite du calife Haroun Al-Raschid. Conte tiré des Mille et une nuits d'après la traduction de Galland. Haarlem, Erven F. Bohn, 1929, 174,(2)p., large number of col. ills. by M.A.J. BAUER, printed by J. Enschedé en Zonen on handmade Van Gelder in 275 numb. and signed copies (217), orig. wr. pres., orig. gilt full calf, t.e.g., 4to.

- Spine trifle chafed. A fine copy.

€ (100-150) 100
70 1275 Beardsley A  Wilde O 70 1275 Beardsley A Wilde O
70/1275 [Beardsley, A.]. Wilde, O. Salomé. A tragedy in one act. Introd. R. Ross. London/ New York, The Bodley Head/ John Lane Company, 1912, XVIII,(6),65,(2)p., 16 plates (incl. cover design, title, plate-index) and orig. richly gilt cl. by AUBREY BEARDSLEY, t.e.g.

- Covers sl. stained/ discoloured at fore-edge margin; spine-ends trifle worn. Otherwise fine.

= Lasner 59D; Taylor p.96f: "(...) the illustrations for Salomé probably represent the peak of Beardsley's career (...)"; Mason 355. English translation by Alfred Douglas; the first French ed. was published in Paris, 1893. Ray, The illustrator and the book in England 1790-1914, 315: "If Le Morte Darthur made Beardsley known, his designs for the first edition in English of Wilde's Salomé made him notorious, and it remains the book of which most people think when his name is mentioned. (...) When Salomé was published, the critics made their expected protest, though Wilde was their primary target, and relations between writer and artist became strained. But even if Beardsley offers amiable caricatures of Wilde in "Enter Herodias" and two other designs, it is mistaken to think that he was contemptuous of the text he was illustrating. It moved his imagination as did few other subjects." In the first Beardsley illustrated edition of 1894 two drawings and the cover design were cancelled and several plates were bowdlerized. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XXXVIII.

€ (200-300) 200
70/1276 Bébert  Contemporary Archeology Pandora Part Three 'Protect me from what I want ' Ed Pandora Tabatabai Asbaghi 70/1276 Bébert Contemporary Archeology Pandora Part Three 'Protect me from what I want ' Ed Pandora Tabatabai Asbaghi
70/1276 [Bébert]. Contemporary Archeology, Pandora Part Three. 'Protect me from what I want.' Ed. Pandora Tabatabai Asbaghi. Rott., Bébert, 1989/1990, title-leaf, htitle, colophon and 2 contents lvs., published in 200 numb. copies (125), 10 orig. art contributions by various artists, loose as issued in orig. black heavy wooden box w. yellow title print on upper lid (total size 35,5x28,3x25,5 cm.) (fine).

I. R. Artschwager, "Face" (silkscreen pattern on paper, 32,5x25 cm., signed "Artschwager '88" and numb. "6/7");

II. C. Bastiaans, "1259 A.D." (two framed glass plates w. silkscreen image, 25x32,5 cm., together in wooden frame, rubber stamped "Christiaan Bastiaans" and titled in blue paint and numb. in black felt-tip pen "78/100");

III. D. Buren, "Untitled" (fold. silkscreen in green and white, 32,5x24,7 cm., numb. "32/40" in pencil);

IV. G. Bijl, "Composition trouvée for a girl's bedroom" (ceramic sculpture of a singer, col. by hand (13,5 (h.) x 13,5 (w.) x 5,5 (d.)) and pink make-up brush w. perspex handle and stand (22,5 cm. (h.), w. orig. signed and numb. ("52/66") certificate of authenticity w. mounted col. miniature photograph);

V. J. Holzer, "Protect me from what I want" (yellow resopal plate w. text in board passepartout, 8x11 cm.);

VI. E. Janssen, "Carpunt" (orig. slide (2,3x3,4 cm.) w. mural painting option and print on indestructable paper (25x32,5 cm.), signed "Edwin Janssen" and numb. "39/50");

VII. I. Knoebel, "Deutscher Tor" (orig. col. photograph (30x24 cm.), monogrammed "IK" and dated "88" in black pen on verso and w. printed essay (3 lvs.) by J. Stüttgen, signed by author and artist);

VIII. R. Longo, "Three Strikes, You're Out" (triptych consisting of 2 aluminium plates (25x23 cm.) showing a colour photograph of a cloud with a silkscreened red "X", 1 of which w. signed and numb. ("156/200") colophon on verso and a lead plate showing a silkscreened red "X", versos w. velcro adhesive tape);

IX. A. Rossi, "The Dutch Tower" (build-up coromandel octagonal wooden tower (diameter 7,8 cm./ height 13 cm.), col. silkscreen (25x32,5 cm.), signed "Aldo Rossi" and numb. "156/200" in pencil and printed essay by S. Umberto Barbieri);

X. R. Scholte, "Echte meesters signeren hun werk altijd" (col. photograph pressed on stretched canvas, wooden frame, 25,5x32 cm., signed "Rob Scholte" and numb. "156/200" in felt-tip pen).

€ (1.000-1.500) 1000
70 1277 Bedaux J B and Anten H 70 1277 Bedaux J B and Anten H
70/1277 Bedaux, J.B. and Anten, H. Maandag Wasdag. Utr., Porcupine Press, 1966, (17)p., lithogr. title-vignette and 2 lithogr. plates by J.B. BEDEAUX, each SIGNED and titled in pencil, mounted etching by W.D. KUIK (?), printed in 28 numb. copies, orig. wr. by W.D. KUIK, 4to.

= Etching mounted on free endpaper, SIGNED by WILLIAM D. KUIK and J.B. BEDAUX "66" and numb. "11/28" in pen and ink. Both full-page lithographs SIGNED and titled by J.B. BEDAUX in pencil.

€ (100-150)
70 1278 Bédier J 70 1278 Bédier J
70/1278 Bédier, J. Le Roman de Tristan et Iseut. Paris, Édition d'art, 1914, 199,(3)p., col. ills. by R. ENGELS, orig. nicely gilt hcalf, orig. wr. pres., large 8vo. - ADDED: M.J. BRUSSE, Boefje. Introd. J. de Meester (Rott., 1906, tipped-in plates and binding dec. by DIRK NIJLAND, printed in 300 copies, folio).
€ (60-80)
70 1279 Bernanos G 70 1279 Bernanos G
70 1279 Bernanos G 70 1279 Bernanos G
70/1279 Bernanos, G. Jeanne relapse et sainte. Paris, Le Livre Contemporain, 1951, (4),67,(10)p., 22 (full-p.) col. lithogr. ills. by J. VALLERY-RADOT, tipped-in facsimile letter, printed in black and blue in 130 numb. copies, bound by GRAS in blue hmor. and vellum w. 3 vertical onlay mor. bands (2x blue and 1x burgundy, divided by gilt fillet lines) dividing the blue morocco section from the vellum section, t.e.g., folio.

- Sm. rubbed spot on upper joint. Otherwise very fine.

= Copy printed on the name of ROBERT DELMAS, with his bookplate on first blank. EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED with an ORIGINAL WATERCOLOUR SIGNED and with caption and dedication in pencil below image by J. VALLERY-RADOT and with suites of 4 plates in 8 states (1x 9) and 23 (incl. an extra plate) plates in various states on thin (Japanese?) paper. Monod 1420. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XXXVIII.

€ (300-500) 300
70/1280 Bibliofiele Bijenkorf Bibliotheek 70/1280 Bibliofiele Bijenkorf Bibliotheek
70/1280 Bibliofiele Bijenkorf Bibliotheek. COMPLETE SET of 6 vols., all Amst., Peter Loeb, 1976 (first vol. 1975), printed in 250 numb. copies, orig. cl. w. dustwr. (most backstrips sunned), large 8vo.

= 1. S. CARMIGGELT, Notities over Willem Elsschot (signed); 2. F. and H. HEERESMA, Jeugdzonden en ander oud zeer (signed by Heere Heeresma); 3. J. CREMER, Sneeuw; 4. T. KARS, De eerste trein na half zes (signed); 5. H. MULISCH, De grens (marked "h.c."); 6. G. REVE, Drie toespraken (marked "h.c.").

€ (100-150) 100
70 1281 Bieruma Oosting J  Baudelaire C 70 1281 Bieruma Oosting J Baudelaire C
70/1281 [Bieruma Oosting, J.]. Baudelaire, C. Une sélection des Fleurs du mal. Zutphen, De Gaillarde Pers, 1976, (25)p., 12 softground etchings by J. BIERUMA OOSTING, printed in black and brown in 125 numb. copies on handmade paper, signed by the artist on colophon, orig. cl., folio.

- This copy unnumbered.

€ (60-80) 100
70 1282 Bindings  France A 70 1282 Bindings France A
70/1282 [Bindings.]. France, A. Le petit Pierre. Paris, Calmann-Lévy, 1918, 1st ed., (6),338,(2)p., printed in 1000 numb. copies, binding signed "ANKER KYSTER 1941" in gilt on lower turn-in of lower pastedown, gilt vignette of the Anker Kyster-Bindery on first blank, bound in burgundy morocco w. geometrical border design consisting of blindst. triple fillet border around sides enclosed on both sides by a gilt single fillet line, sm. blindst. square in each corner, similar design at spine-ends, pink marbled endpapers by TH. BINDESBØLL, orig. wr. pres, a.e.g., matching slipcase w. giltlettered burgundy mor. letterpiece.

- Very fine uncut copy. Bookplate of H.C. Bärenholdt on upper pastedown; tipped-in clippings on the binding and its history on verso of final blank.

= The clippings state that this binding was exhibited at the 50th anniversary of the Anker Kyster-Bindery in 1942. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XXXVIII.

€ (400-600)
70 1283 Bindings  Géraldy P 70 1283 Bindings Géraldy P
70 1283 Bindings  Géraldy P 70 1283 Bindings Géraldy P
70/1283 [Bindings]. Géraldy, P. Toi et moi. Brussels, Éditions du Nord Albert Parmentier, 1943, 87,(5)p., 63 woodengr. ills. printed in brown by S. COCQ, printed in 7561 numb. copies (1), bound by R. BLAIZOT in orange morocco with gilt fillet lines in diamond pattern on both covers and spine, decorated on each intersection of the lines w. a small onlay olive green morocco heart-shaped ornament, giltlettered title on spine w. similiar ornament, olive green morocco double on pastedowns and grey moiré silk doublure on free endpapers, orig. wr. pres., a.e.g., kept in giltlettered burgundy mor. wr. w. pink paper over covers in matching slipcase w. similar pink paper cover.

= UNIQUE copy in a very nice binding, numbered "1" ("un exemplaire unique") and printed on "japon Vellum Kozo nacré", with apart from the suite of the woodengravings in the text, three extra suites: a suite on "japon nacré extra mince Tosa Tengrejo", a suite in black on "hollande Pannekoek" and a suite in sepia on "velin superieur". Carteret V, p.89; Monod 5292. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XXXVIII.

€ (800-1.000)
70 1284 Bindings  Lamartine A de 70 1284 Bindings Lamartine A de
70/1284 [Bindings]. Lamartine, A. de. Jocelyn. Épisode, Journal trouvé chez un curé de village. Paris, Hachette et Cie, 1905, (4),XXI,(3),326p., privately bound in full green mor. by ISABELLA VAN HAERSHOLTE, monogrammed "IvH 1906" on turn-in lower pastedown, gilt panelled covers w. floral corner ornaments each w. 4 small inlay white mor. flowers, 4 gilt filet lines on turn-ins, gilt board edges, ribbed spine w. gilt compartments, a.e.g.

- Bookplate of Isabella van Haersholte on upper pastedown. Binding some sl. rubbed spots at extremities.

€ (100-150) 400
70 1285 Bindings Marot Rodde  Bloch J R 70 1285 Bindings Marot Rodde Bloch J R
70 1285 Bindings Marot Rodde  Bloch J R 70 1285 Bindings Marot Rodde Bloch J R
70/1285 [Bindings. Marot-Rodde]. Bloch, J.-R. Dix filles dans un pré. Paris, Au Sans Pareil, 1926, (8),111,(3)p., 4 engr. plates by M. LAURENCIN, printed in 995 numb. copies (35), bound by MAROT-RODDE in crushed green giltlettered morroco w. decoration of stylized wavy strips of onlay pink, red, olive green and dark green morocco divided by silver gilt lines in lower right corner and upper left corner, pink moiré silk doublures surrounded by green and olive green mor. borders, divided by silver gilt fillet lines, free endpapers also doubled w. pink moiré silk, t.e.g., orig. wr. pres.

- Tiny browned spot on spine affecting four letters of the author's name. Otherwise a very fine copy.

= One of 35 numb. copies on japon impérial, w. a double suite of the plates. Monod 1600. On the binder Marot-Rodde, see Fléty p.121. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XXXIX.

€ (800-1.000)
70 1286 Bindings Szirmai J A  Reve G K van het = G Reve 70 1286 Bindings Szirmai J A Reve G K van het = G Reve
70/1286 [Bindings. Szirmai, J.A.]. Reve, G.K. van het (= G. Reve). De Taal der Liefde. Amst., Athenaeum/ Polak & Van Gennep, 1972, 2nd ed., 231p., full black oasis by STUDIO ARS LIBRI/ J.A. SZIRMAI w. sm. ornament on frontcover in purple and beige, orig. dustwr. pres., beige endpapers, matching slipcase, t.e.g.

= Grote Belletrie Serie. Privately bound copy from the library of Johan Polak.

€ (150-250) 300