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70 1307 Buckland Wright J 70 1307 Buckland Wright J
70/1307 Buckland Wright, J. Negen houtsneden. Eindhoven, "voor de N.V. Houtindustrie Picus", n.d. (±1940), 9 woodcut plates by J. BUCKLAND WRIGHT, printed in 400 numb. copies, orig. cordbound wr.

- Trifle foxed. Wr. (dust)soiled.

= "Als nieuwjaarskaarten voor de jaren 1934-1940 verschenen behalve nummer 1 en 3, welke hier voor het eerst worden afgedrukt" (title-p.). C. Buckland Wright, A36.

€ (80-100)
70 1308 Buckland Wright J  Swinburne A C 70 1308 Buckland Wright J Swinburne A C
70/1308 [Buckland Wright, J.]. Swinburne, A.C. Pasiphaë. London, Golden Cockerel Press, 1950, 40p., copperengr. frontisp., title-p., 2 plates and 2 ills. by J. BUCKLAND WRIGHT, printed in 500 numb. copies (400), orig. buckram w. gilt vignette by J. BUCKLAND WRIGHT on frontcover, t.e.g.

- A few lvs. trifle/ sl. specked in outer blank margin. Spine sl. sunned.

= Reid A57; Cock-a-Hoop 185.

€ (50-70) 50
70 1309 Buddingh' C and Dicke O 70 1309 Buddingh' C and Dicke O
70/1309 Buddingh', C. and Dicke, O. De meewarige kruipers. Avonturen van Spekkie en Bekkie. Dordr., Dijl's Uitgeverij, 1983, 1st ed., 188,(2)p., ills. by OTTO DICKE, printed in 50 numb. copies, orig. cl. w. dustwr., slipcase.

- Backstrip of dustwr. sl. yellowed.

= SIGNED by the author on the title-p. Dijl's Bibliofiele Bibliotheek 5.

€ (40-60) 40
70 1310 Budgen L M under pseud Acheta Domestica 70 1310 Budgen L M under pseud Acheta Domestica
70/1310 Budgen, L.M. under pseud. Acheta Domestica. Episodes of Insect Life. London, Reeve, Benham, and Reeve, 1849-1851, 3 vols., XVIII,320,16(advert.); XVI,326,16(advert.); XVII,(1),434,(2),16(advert.)p., 3 woodengr. frontisp., num. ills., orig. unif. gilt cl.

- Third vol. sl. stained on backcover. Otherwise fine.

€ (120-150)
70 1311 Bürger G A 70 1311 Bürger G A
70/1311 Bürger, G.A. Wunderbare Reisen zu Wasser und zu Lande. Feldzüge und lustige Abenteuer des Freiherrn von Münchhausen (...). Leipsic, Insel, n.d. (1923), 185p., (full-p.) ills. by G. DORÉ, printed in 600 numb. copies (500), orig. richly gilt hmor. w. mor. letterpiece by E.R. WEISS, 4to.

- Offsetting in lower inner corner pastedowns; paperflaw in colophon; endpapers and fore-edge trifle foxed.

= Sarkowski 259A.

Bartsch, R.H. Mozarts Faschingoper. Ibid., L. Haackmann for Drugulin, 1922, 166p., 6 tipped-in col. plates, ills., bookdec. and orig. clothbacked dec. boards by F. VON BAYROS, printed in 1150 numb. copies (1000), 4to.

- Owner's entry on first free endpaper. Sl. rubbed along extremities. Good copy.

€ (50-70) 60
70 1312 Byron  G G  Lord 70 1312 Byron G G Lord
70/1312 Byron, (G.G.) Lord. Manfred. A Tragedy. London, Fanfrolico Press, 1929, no pagination, ills. and decorations by F. CARTER, printed in purple and black, printed in 550 numb. copies, orig. gilt hvellum, sm. 4to.

- Endpapers browned. Dent in spine.

Housman, L. Stories from the Arabian Nights. Ibid., Hodder and Stoughton, (1920), 319p., tipped-in ills. by E. DULAC, orig. dec. cl. - AND 1 other.

€ (50-70) 120
70/1313 Cadenza Reprints on Typography No 1 5 70/1313 Cadenza Reprints on Typography No 1 5
70/1313 Cadenza Reprints on Typography. No. 1-5. London, Cadenza Press, 1985-1988, 9 vols. (incl. duplicates), each printed in black and red in approx. 100 copies, (almost unif.) orig. wr., sm. 8vo.

= 1. W. MORRIS, A Note on his Aims in Founding the Kelmscott Press (4 copies); 2. T.L. DE VINNE, Masculine Printing; 3. E. WALKER and W. MORRIS, Printing; 4. T.J. COBDEN-SANDERSON, The Ideal Book or The Books Beautiful (2 copies); 5. C. RICKETTS, A Defence of the Revival of Printing.

AND 8 others similar, i.a. 4 works publ. by The Alembic Press and 2 by the Nine Elms Press.

€ (50-70) 50
70 1314 Calder A 70 1314 Calder A
70/1314 Calder, A. Three young rats and other rhymes. Introd. J.J. Sweeney. New York, C. Valentin, 1944, XVIII,(4),130,(6)p., ills. by A. CALDER, printed in 700 copies (640), orig. pict. hcl. w. dustwr., folio.

- Dustwr. trifle faded. Fine copy. = With Christmas wish by the publisher in pencil on first free endpaper.

€ (200-300)
70 1315 Campert R 70 1315 Campert R
70/1315 Campert, R. Drie vergeten gedichten. Terhorst, Ser J.L. Prop, 1984, (12)p., printed in 75 numb. copies, orig. wr., large 8vo.

= SIGNED and dated "Heerlen 21.10.2003" on the colophon.

Idem. Rustig. Wijhe, Hein Elferink, 1986, (11)p., printed in 50 numb. copies, orig. wr., large 8vo.

= SIGNED and dated "Maastricht 8.1.2006" on the colophon.

Idem. Poezie. Overveen, Kalamos Pers, 2005, (4)p., printed in 50 copies, orig. wr.

= SIGNED and dated "Amsterdam 10.1.2006". Written and printed for Hans Keller on occasion of the award of the Laurens Janszoon Coster-prijs.

Idem. Fabeltjes vertellen. Amst., Thomas Rap, 1968, 1st ed., (51)p., ills. by F. TEN HARMSEN VAN DER BEEK, orig. boards w. dustwr., sm. 8vo.

= With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED ("Remco") DEDICATION: "Voor Willem [van Malsen] met vriendschap. Zürich 23 september 1979 [sign.]".

AND 12 other small publications by the same, mainly printed in a limited edition, 10 of them SIGNED. - ADDED: Idem. AUTOGRAPH PICTURE POSTCARD SIGNED ("Remco") to "Uitg. de Bezige Bij", dated "23 juli 1970", recto w. a photogr. picture of circus wheels at the Circus Hall of Fame in Sarasota, Florida.

= "Heel veel liefs voor de meisjes en aardigs voor de jongens van de B.B."

€ (100-150) 170
70/1316 Cantique des Cantiques French transl by D Schreinert 70/1316 Cantique des Cantiques French transl by D Schreinert
70/1316 Cantique des Cantiques. French transl. by D. Schreinert. Paris, B. Durocher, 1952, 55,(5)p., 10 engr. ills. by A. KROL, printed in 236 numb. copies (199), signed by the artist, loose as issued, orig. blindst. wr., kept in orig. hcl. chemise, board slipcase, obl. sm. 8vo.

- Fine copy. = Monod 2192.

€ (100-150) 100
70/1317 Cantique des Cantiques. French transl. E. Renan. Brussels, Editions des Artistes, 1943, 43p., 10 orig. lithogr. plates by R. VERSPEYK, printed in 150 numb. copies (20), loose as issued in orig. pict. wr., board box, folio.

- Box partly dam., contents fine.

= One of 20 Roman numb. copies hors commerce. Monod 2184.

Les Bucoliques de Virgile. Ed. L. Grosclaude. Zurich, Conzett & Huber, (1942), 109,(2)p., 10 full-p. lithogr. ills. by E. MORGENTHALER, printed in 180 numb. copies (140), loose as issued in orig. wr., orig. giltlettered board chemise, folio.

- Sl. yellowed; occas. scattered brown spots. Chemise sl. foxed and sl. (finger)soiled.

= One of 140 Arabic numb. copies on Japon Impérial.

AND 6 others, i.a. J.-L. VAUDOYER, Les papiers de Cléonthe (Paris, 1928, 28 engr. plates and ills. by M. ANDREÙ, printed in 307 numb. copies (260), orig. wr., 4to. Sl. foxed; wr. yellowed and rubbed. Monod 10968).

€ (80-100) 90
70/1318 Caricature  l'Assiette au Beurre Lot of 42 issues 70/1318 Caricature l'Assiette au Beurre Lot of 42 issues
70/1318 [Caricature]. l'Assiette au Beurre. Lot of 42 issues, Paris, Schwarz, 1901-1910, num. (col.) lithogr. ills. by i.a. K. VAN DONGEN, F. KUPKA, CARAN D'ACHE, A. WILLETTE and T. STEINLEN, orig. col. lithogr. wr., folio.

- Incl. duplicates.

= No. 1-3, 22, 26 (3x), 30, 31, 36, 38, 40, 47, 48, 57, 59, 61, 66, 75, 77, 90, 132, 137, 143-145, 147, 148, 153, 154 (2x), 168, 177, 181, 182, 209, 226, 256, 320, 409, 467 and "hors série".

AND 2 issues of LE RIRE and 2 issues of L'ALBUM.

€ (150-250) 210
70/1319 [Caricature]. Braakensiek, J. Bijvoegsel van "De Amsterdammer". Lot of over 200 lithogr. plates, ±1895-1916, ±165x bound in 2 sl. later unif. clothbacked board albums and ±50x loose. - ADDED: 5 lithogr. frontwrappers to De Nieuwe Amsterdammer, 3x by P. VAN DER HEM and 2x by J. SLUIJTERS (1915-1917).
€ (60-80)
70 1320 Caricature  Cappiello L 70 1320 Caricature Cappiello L
70 1320 Caricature  Cappiello L 70 1320 Caricature Cappiello L
70 1320 Caricature  Cappiello L 70 1320 Caricature Cappiello L
70/1320 [Caricature]. Cappiello, L. 70 Dessins. Paris, H. Floury, 1905, htitle, title-p. and (62)p. w. 70 (hand-/ pochoir-)col. ills., printed in 1550 numb. copies (30), bound by M. LEHMANN (Bremen) in contemp. gilt vellum, chintz endpapers, pochoir-col. frontisp. pres., folio.

- A few lvs. w. some (vague) offsetting; frontisp. trifle soiled. Binding vaguely stained and trifle warped.

= One of 30 Roman numb. copies, this copy (all Roman numb. copies?) w. an extra uncoloured suite of the plates on handmade paper bound at the end (some (heavy) foxing, mainly in margins). Nice caricatural portraits by Leonetto Cappiello (1875-1942) of prominent people from French cultural (theatre) life, many identified in letterpress below, and most scenes w. letterpress caption. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XXXIX.

€ (400-600) 400
70 1321 Caricature  Doré G 70 1321 Caricature Doré G
70/1321 [Caricature]. Doré, G. Two Hundred Sketches, Humorous and Grotesque. London, F. Warne and Co., 1867, 1st ed., 86,(2 publisher's cat.)p., num. woodengr. ills. by G. DORÉ, orig. clothbacked pict. boards, folio.

- For the greater part foxed; covers browned and soiled.

= Leblanc p.351: "Album contenant 300 vignettes (et non 200, ainsi qu'il est annoncé au titre) provenant toutes des premières années du Journal pour Rire.

AND 4 others, i.a. G. KELLER, Avonturen van baron van Münchhausen (Amst., 1877, 2nd ed., ills. by G. DORÉ, contemp. hmor., 4to. Foot of spine dam.) and QUILLENBOIS, Miroir de l'estudiant pur sang (Paris, ±1855, lithogr. plates, sl. later clothbacked lithogr. boards, 12mo).

€ (50-70) 110
70 1322 Caricature  Draner = J Renard 70 1322 Caricature Draner = J Renard
70/1322 [Caricature]. Draner (= J. Renard). Paris assiégé. Scènes de la vie Parisienne pendant le siège. Paris, "Au Bureau de l'Éclipse", printed by Barousse, n.d. (±1871), pochoir-col. title and 31 plates, loose in orig. hcl. portfolio w. mounted pochoir-col. title (identical to the above) on frontcover, folio.

- Title trifle foxed/ soiled; lvs. occas. frayed. Title on frontcover soiled; cloth over spine loosening at lower end; corners showing; lacks ties.

= On the shortages suffered during the siege iin 1870.

€ (50-70) 50
70 1323 Caricature  Hood T 70 1323 Caricature Hood T
70/1323 [Caricature]. Hood, T. Humorous Poems. Pref. A. Ainger. London/ New York, Macmillan and Co., 1893, (30),236p., 130 ills. by C.E. BROCK, orig. cl., large 8vo.

- Contents fine. Spine and corners sl. worn. = One of 250 copies of the large paper edition.

€ (60-80)
70/1324 [Caricature]. Raemaekers, L. The Great War. A Neutral's Indictment. Ed. H. Perry Robinson a.o. London, The Fine Art Society, 1916, 1 vol. (of 3), XXXp., 99 (of 100) col. tipped-in plates by L. RAEMAKERS, one of 1050 copies of the DELUXE edition, signed below the artist's portrait, orig. gilt buckram-backed boards w. red mor. letterpieces, t.e.g., large folio.

- Lacks 1 plate. Letterpieces partly worn. One of a series of 3 vols.

€ (80-100)
70 1325 Carlinapers  Ostaijen P van 70 1325 Carlinapers Ostaijen P van
70/1325 [Carlinapers]. Ostaijen, P. van. Mijn groot hart. Enkele verzen uit de bundel Music-hall. Haarlem, Carlinapers, 1982, 9,(2)p., printed in 23 numb. copies, orig. wr., large 8vo (fine). Idem. Het bordeel van Ika Loch. Amst./ Wijhe, H. Elferink for Binderij Phoenix, 1986, 20,(5)p., printed in 50 numb. copies (45), orig. (vaguely faded) wr.
€ (80-100) 100
70 1326 Carmiggelt S 70 1326 Carmiggelt S
70/1326 Carmiggelt, S. Duiveland komt nooit weer droog. Nieuwekerk, Adri M. Leijdekkers, 1993, (tipped-in) photogr. ills., printed in 100 numb. copies, 4to.

= Copy printed on loose leaves, in orig.(?) envelope. This copy marked "hs".

€ (40-60)