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LPs and CDs (The collection Remko Scha, lot 900-988)

Remko Scha (1945-2015) was a professor of computational linguistics at the University of Amsterdam, and from the early nineties until his retirement in 2010 he was one of the leading researchers at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC). In 1990, he founded the Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam which became a breeding ground for algorithmic artists. Remko was also active as a performer of installations, exhibitions, concerts, radio programmes and more. As an artist, he was among the first to experiment with the integration of automatically generated processes into the field of art and music: so called “generative” art/ music. His LP Machine Guitars, released in 1982, contains recordings of electric guitars played by uniformly moving sabre saws attached to ropes or flexible metal rods, without human interference. The collection of LP’s and CD’s from his collection offered for sale here reflect his broad interests and in many ways adventurous taste in music.

Notes on cataloguing: all formats are 12” vinyl, unless otherwise stated. All records are in the original sleeve. Minor defects of the sleeves (minimal wear, small creases, small seam splits, unobtrusive price tickets etc.) are not mentioned. The vinyl itself has only been checked for visible defects (large scratches, bumps etc.). Lacking of inserts and/ or original printed inner sleeves is not always mentioned as a defect. Items from collections other than that of Remko Scha are marked (*) at the end of the description.