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71/5486   Brueghel, P. (1525-1569) (after).

71/5486 Brueghel, P. (1525-1569) …

Brueghel, P. (1525-1569) (after). Man of War, sailing to the right. Engraving by F. HUYS from...

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71/751   Degan, N.

71/751 Degan, N.

Degan, N. l'Alphabet ou La manière d'enseigner à lire à la Jeunesse. Ed. J.R. Mogin. Amst., A. Meyer, 1791, 24p., woodcut title-vignette, contemp. chintz wr...

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71/2652   Trew, C.J.

71/2652 Trew, C.J.

Trew, C.J. Uitgezochte planten. Dutch transl. by C. Pereboom. Amst., J.C. Sepp, (1769)-1771-(1774), 1st Dutch ed...

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71/993   [Photographs]. Adam, T. (1878-1955).

71/993 [Photographs]. Adam, T. (1…

[Photographs]. Adam, T. (1878-1955). Album containing 188 mounted photographs, ±1925, between ±10x16 and 16x22 cm., also...

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71/1701   [Werkman, H.N.]. Marsman, H.

71/1701 [Werkman, H.N.]. Marsman…

[Werkman, H.N.]. Marsman, H. Paul Robeson zingt (vier stemmen en de stem van Christus). N.pl. (Heerenveen)...

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71/2291   Gesner, C.

71/2291 Gesner, C.

Gesner, C. Vogelbuch oder ausführliche Beschreibung und lebendige ja auch eygentliche Controfactur und Abmahlung aller und jeder Vögel (...). ...

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71/980   Junghuhn, F.W.

71/980 Junghuhn, F.W.

Junghuhn, F.W. Java, zijne gedaante, zijn plantentooi en inwendige bouw. The Hague, C.W. Mieling, 1853-1854, 2nd...

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71/2439   Dodonaeus, R.

71/2439 Dodonaeus, R.

Dodonaeus, R. Cruijdeboeck, In den welcken die gheheele historie, dat es Tgheslacht, t fatsoen, naem, natuere, cracht ende werkinghe, van...

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71/99   [Architecture]. Wright, F.L.

71/99 [Architecture]. Wright, F.L…

[Architecture]. Wright, F.L. Ausgeführte Bauten und Entwürfe von Frank Lloyd Wright. Berlin, Wasmuth, 1910, 1st ed...

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71/366   [Russian avant-garde]. LEF. Zhurnal levogo fronta iskusstv. (Mag

71/366 [Russian avant-garde]. LEF…

[Russian avant-garde]. LEF. Zhurnal levogo fronta iskusstv. (Magazine of the leftist front of the arts). No.1-7 (all published). Ed. V...

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71/1423   Barbier, G.

71/1423 Barbier, G.

Barbier, G. Falbalas & Fanfreluches. Almanach des Modes présentes, passées & futures pour 1922-1926. Paris, Meynial...

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71/5284   Boudin, E. (1824-1898).

71/5284 Boudin, E. (1824-1898).

Boudin, E. (1824-1898). (Beach scene) [Berck?]. Oil on paper on panel, ±1880, 25,4x34,2 cm., signed in...

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71/4419   Toorop, J.Th. (1858-1928).

71/4419 Toorop, J.Th. (1858-1928)…

Toorop, J.Th. (1858-1928). "Koninklijke Fabriek/ De Stearine Kaarsenfabriek/ Gouda/ 1880 - 1 juli - 1905/ Lithografische reproductiën/ naar schetsen van/...

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71/5440   Volpato, G. (1733-1803).

71/5440 Volpato, G. (1733-1803).

Volpato, G. (1733-1803). (View of the Sale dei Busti in the Museo Pio Clementino in the Vatican). ...

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71/2122   [Entomology]. Rösel van Rosenhof, A.J.

71/2122 [Entomology]. Rösel van R…

[Entomology]. Rösel van Rosenhof, A.J. De Natuurlyke Historie der Insecten. Voorzien met naar 't Leven getekende en gekoleurde Plaaten. ...

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71/1111   [World War II]. Frank, A.

71/1111 [World War II]. Frank, A.

[World War II]. Frank, A. Het achterhuis. Dagboekbrieven 12 Juni 1942 - 1 Augustus 1944. Pref. A. Romein-Verschoor. ...

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71/4416   Tobeen (1880-1938).

71/4416 Tobeen (1880-1938).

Tobeen (1880-1938). La maison blanche. Oil on canvas, 45x63 cm., signed in lower right corner, framed. ...

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71/3419   Spinoza, B. de.

71/3419 Spinoza, B. de.

Spinoza, B. de. De Nagelate Schriften van B.d.S. Als Zedekunst, Staatkunde, Verbetering van 't Verstant, Brieven en Antwoorden. Uit verscheide...

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71/4759   Scherer, K. (1920-1993).

71/4759 Scherer, K. (1920-1993).

Scherer, K. (1920-1993). (Paris by night). Lot of 46 vintage gelatin silver prints, various sizes (mostly...

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71/4326   Röling, M. (b.1943).

71/4326 Röling, M. (b.1943).

Röling, M. (b.1943). (Fritzi Harmsen van Beek and two greyhounds sitting/ lying on a tiled floor). ...

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71/5162   Anonymous (2nd half 16th cent., Italian School).

71/5162 Anonymous (2nd half 16th …

Anonymous (2nd half 16th cent., Italian School). (Relief with six priests). Chiaroscuro drawing, pen and brown/...

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71/4995   [Picture postcards. Amsterdam]. The collection of L.C. SCHADE VA

71/4995 [Picture postcards. Amste…

[Picture postcards. Amsterdam]. The collection of L.C. SCHADE VAN WESTRUM, consisting of 1797 (col./ real photogr.)...

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71/3534   Arntz, G. (1900-1988).

71/3534 Arntz, G. (1900-1988).

Arntz, G. (1900-1988). "Sein Kampf". Drawing with collage (pen and ink, red gouache and cut-out photogr...

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71/5319   [Flowers]. Marrel, J. (1614-1681)/ Holsteyn II, P. (1614-1673/87) (circle of).

71/5319 [Flowers]. Marrel, J. (16…

[Flowers]. Marrel, J. (1614-1681)/ Holsteyn II, P. (1614-1673/87) (circle of). Lot of 38 drawings, watercolour and...

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71/2781   [Music]. Sibelius, J. (1856-1957).

71/2781 [Music]. Sibelius, J. (18…

[Music]. Sibelius, J. (1856-1957). Six TYPESCRIPT LETTERS, all SIGNED "Jean Sibelius", 2x in pen and ink...

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71/5826   [Belgium]. Comitatus Flandria.

71/5826 [Belgium]. Comitatus Flan…

[Belgium]. "Comitatus Flandria". Contemp. handcol. engr. map, 45,5x55,5 cm., from Belgium sive Germania Inferior (...), Amst...

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71/147   [Dada]. Der Dada. No.1. Ed. R. Hausmann.

71/147 [Dada]. Der Dada. No.1. Ed…

[Dada]. Der Dada. No.1. Ed. R. Hausmann. (Berlin), n.publ., 1919, (8)p. (incl. wr.), 4 woodcut ills...

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71/2796   [Oriental manuscripts]. Koran.

71/2796 [Oriental manuscripts]. K…

[Oriental manuscripts]. Koran. Qajar Qur'an, calligraphic manuscript in black Naskh script on polished paper, 19th cent...

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71/3948   Jessurun de Mesquita, S. (1868-1944).

71/3948 Jessurun de Mesquita, S. …

Jessurun de Mesquita, S. (1868-1944). Adam en Eva. Woodcut, printed in brown on smooth paper, 47,8x30,2...

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