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73/4544   Anonymous (18th cent.).

73/4544 Anonymous (18th cent.).

Anonymous (18th cent.). (Courting scene with a woman embracing a man who is giving her a flower). (Courting scene with...

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73/3093   Fieret, G.P. (1924-2009).

73/3093 Fieret, G.P. (1924-2009).

Fieret, G.P. (1924-2009). (Selfportrait with hat, in mirror). Vintage gelatin silver print, 50x40 cm., boldly signed...

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73/1948   [Conchology]. Knorr, G.W.

73/1948 [Conchology]. Knorr, G.W.

[Conchology]. Knorr, G.W. Verlustiging der oogen en van den geest, of verzameling van allerley bekende hoorens en schulpen, die in...

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73/524   [Russian avant-garde]. Industrija Socializma. Tyazholaya promysh

73/524 [Russian avant-garde]. Ind…

[Russian avant-garde]. Industrija Socializma. Tyazholaya promyshlennost' k VII Vsesoyuznomy S'yezdu Sovetov (Industry of Socialism. Heavy Industry towards the VIIth Congress...

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73/4620   Arntzenius, P.F.N.J. (1864-1925).

73/4620 Arntzenius, P.F.N.J. (186…

Arntzenius, P.F.N.J. (1864-1925). (Crowded street). Oil on wooden panel, 20,5x25,5 cm., signed "F. Arntzenius" in lower...

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73/2707   [Incunabula and early 16th cent. books]. Jacobus de Theramo.

73/2707 [Incunabula and early 16t…

[Incunabula and early 16th cent. books]. Jacobus de Theramo. Belial zu teutsch. Strassb., Johannes Prüß, 1508...

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73/2331   [Atlases]. Visscher, N.

73/2331 [Atlases]. Visscher, N.

[Atlases]. Visscher, N. Atlas Contractus Orbis Terrarum Praecipuas ac Novissimas Complectens Tabulas. Amst., N. Visscher, n.d...

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73/2678   [Incunabula and early 16th cent. books]. (Duytschen souter).

73/2678 [Incunabula and early 16t…

[Incunabula and early 16th cent. books]. (Duytschen souter). (Delft, J.J. van der Meer, 1480), (282)lvs., 7...

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73/4311   Saint Ursula.

73/4311 Saint Ursula.

Saint Ursula. Oval gouache on vellum, central image, surrounded by the names of other saints in...

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73/2394   [Bindings. Pentateuch Bindery]. Cats, J.

73/2394 [Bindings. Pentateuch Bin…

[Bindings. Pentateuch Bindery]. Cats, J. (Works). Middelb. etc., various publishers, 1618-1661, 25 parts in 9 vols...

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73/4622   Badile IV, A. (1518-1560) (after?).

73/4622 Badile IV, A. (1518-1560)…

Badile IV, A. (1518-1560) (after?). (Beheading of St. Catherine[?]). Drawing, pen and brown ink and blue...

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73/4403   Kunisada (1786-1865).

73/4403 Kunisada (1786-1865).

Kunisada (1786-1865). Genji monogatari (Tales of the Genji). Ehon, n.pl., Izumiya Ichibei, (1851), 2 vols., 54...

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73/4859   Bruegel the Elder, P. (1526-1569).

73/4859 Bruegel the Elder, P. (15…

Bruegel the Elder, P. (1526-1569). Faith (Fides). Copperengr. attributed to PH. GALLE, from the series of...

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73/2321   [Asia]. Valentyn, F.

73/2321 [Asia]. Valentyn, F.

[Asia]. Valentyn, F. Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indiën, vervattende een naaukeurige en uitvoerige verhandelinge van Nederlands mogentheyd in die gewesten, benevens...

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73/1251   [Léger, F.]. Cendrars, B.

73/1251 [Léger, F.]. Cendrars, B.

[Léger, F.]. Cendrars, B. La Fin du Monde filmée par l'Ange N.-D. Paris, Éditions de la...

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73/2150   Huygens, C. (1596-1687).

73/2150 Huygens, C. (1596-1687).

Huygens, C. (1596-1687). "Die 't dagh-werck niet en kent van Veens geleerd gesmeer (...)". AUTOGRAPH POEM...

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73/1202   Hermans, W.F., under pseud. Sita van de Wissel.

73/1202 Hermans, W.F., under pseu…

Hermans, W.F., under pseud. Sita van de Wissel. Beertje Bombazijn. Amst., Literaire Loodgieters, 1981, (12)p., col...

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73/1711   [(Ant)arctica]. Franklin, J.

73/1711 [(Ant)arctica]. Franklin…

[(Ant)arctica]. Franklin, J. Narrative of a journey to the shores of the Polar Sea, in the years 1819, 20, 21...

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73/2008   [Huygens, C.]. Briggs, W.

73/2008 [Huygens, C.]. Briggs, W.

[Huygens, C.]. Briggs, W. Ophthalmo-graphia, sive Oculi ejusque partium descriptio anatomica, nec non, ejusdem nova visionis theoria. ...

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73/1302   [Nieuwenhuis, Th.W.]. Hofker, J.

73/1302 [Nieuwenhuis, Th.W.]. Hof…

[Nieuwenhuis, Th.W.]. Hofker, J. Gedachten en verbeeldingen. Introd. L. van Deyssel. Amst., S.L. van Looy, 1906...

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73/3350   Cunningham, M. (1919-2009) a.o.

73/3350 Cunningham, M. (1919-2009…

Cunningham, M. (1919-2009) a.o. Merce Cunningham Portfolio. New York, Multiples, Inc. and Castelli Graphics, 1975, 4p...

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73/3427   [Escher, M.C. (1898-1972)]. Drijfhout, A.E.

73/3427 [Escher, M.C. (1898-1972)…

[Escher, M.C. (1898-1972)]. Drijfhout, A.E. XXIV emblemata, dat zijn zinne-beelden. Bussum, C.A.J. van Dishoeck, 1932, woodcut...

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73/2160   [Medieval manuscripts]. Hier beghinnet die souter van onser liev

73/2160 [Medieval manuscripts]. H…

[Medieval manuscripts]. "Hier beghinnet die souter van onser liever vrouwen." Manuscript in Middle-Dutch on vellum, ±1475...

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73/2242   [Oriental manuscripts]. Koran.

73/2242 [Oriental manuscripts]. K…

[Oriental manuscripts]. Koran. Qajar Qur'an, calligraphic manuscript in black Naskh script on polished paper, 19th cent...

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73/5757   [Worldmaps]. Nova Orbis Tabula.

73/5757 [Worldmaps]. Nova Orbis T…

[Worldmaps]. "Nova Orbis Tabula". Handcol. engr. map with allegorical scenes in corners, 46,5x54,5 cm., Amst., F...

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73/2808   Linschoten, Jan Huygen van.

73/2808 Linschoten, Jan Huygen va…

Linschoten, Jan Huygen van. Itinerarium, Ofte Schip-vaert naer Oost ofte Portugaels Indien. Inhoudende een beschrijvinghe/ dier Landen/ Zee-rusten/ havens/ Rivieren/ Hoecken ende plaetsen/ met de...

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73/1074   [Bindings]. Rilke, R.M.

73/1074 [Bindings]. Rilke, R.M.

[Bindings]. Rilke, R.M. Die Weise von Liebe und Tod des Cornets Christoph Rilke. Hoenderloo, Hubertus Verlag, 1929, (35)p., num. col. ills. by M.A.J. BAUER, printed...

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73/5310   [Amsterdam and surroundings]. Tieleman van der Horst (18th cent.).

73/5310 [Amsterdam and surroundin…

[Amsterdam and surroundings]. Tieleman van der Horst (18th cent.). "Winter Vreugde op den Amstel en 't gaan des Ysbreekers en...

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73/3338   Constant (1920-2005).

73/3338 Constant (1920-2005).

Constant (1920-2005). Labyrismen, elf lithografieën van Constant met een tekst van C. Caspari. ...

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73/2887   Nieuhof, J.

73/2887 Nieuhof, J.

Nieuhof, J. Gedenkweerdige Brasiliaense Zee- en Lant-Reize. Behelzende al het geen op dezelve is voorgevallen. Beneffens een bondige beschrijving van...

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73/2724   [Incunabula and early 16th cent. books]. Otto von Passau.

73/2724 [Incunabula and early 16t…

[Incunabula and early 16th cent. books]. Otto von Passau. Die vier und zwenzig alten. Strassb., Johannes...

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73/2749   [Incunabula and early 16th cent. books]. Van der mysehandelinge

73/2749 [Incunabula and early 16t…

[Incunabula and early 16th cent. books]. Van der mysehandelinge des hiligen Sacramentes. (Geschichte der Juden zu Sternberg mit dem Sakrament). ...

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73/1856   [Prints and drawings]. Hofker, W.G. (1902-1981).

73/1856 [Prints and drawings]. Ho…

[Prints and drawings]. Hofker, W.G. (1902-1981). Bali (Calendar for 1948). Calendar w. 6 col. lithogr. lvs...

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73/5134   Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669).

73/5134 Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-…

Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669). Recueil de quatre-vingt-cinq estampes originales, tête, paysages et différens sujets (...). Paris...

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73/953   Nooteboom, C.

73/953 Nooteboom, C.

Nooteboom, C. "Boek voor Remco Campert". AUTOGRAPH LIBER AMICORUM, 15,(1) [manuscript] pages, bound as a leporello...

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